1. If you're looking for quality live recordings, look no further than KEXP. They aren't full albums but these live versions surpass the studio recordings for me:

  2. Yeah I’ve seen those. I just really wanna hear all the shows they play that aren’t on Bandcamp, nugs, etc..

  3. All info about bootlegger program is here. Selected shows are put up for any fan to sell or reproduce. Just send some copies to gizz if you can. Also the demo volumes and early teenage stuff is there.

  4. This is something becoming more common in dating. It’s pretty unfortunate because it’s screws over younger guys, I think every guy has been there.

  5. The real question is what are you trying to do? Are you trying to look good on the beach for summer? Are you trying to get into body building? Are you just trying to be strong? It’s all dependent on what your goals are.

  6. Just look good on the beach and be a little bigger. I don’t want to be a mass monster or feel like I need to use gear to get to my goal.

  7. The issue is you have two conflicting goals here. I would argue go on a cut and get ripped. You might lose some mass but you will also look bigger just by being at a lower BF%. Bigger can be more optical than an actual measurement at times. Also you aren’t going to be able to do both. The other option is lift heavy and just enjoy a little paunch for the summer while hitting some PRs.

  8. I didn’t clarify. I know those goals are conflicting, those are just main goals down the line, not right now. Just curious to see what people think I should do now.

  9. I’m 23! My dad got me into them originally - then psychedelics really got me into them. Still never been to a concert unfortunately…

  10. IMO, Pebbles and Marbles and Walls of the Cave are the last true old school progressive rock compositions.

  11. If there was a torch, which there isn’t. I think it would be passed to king giz. They’re not as much a jam band as phish, but they still fit into that weird, psychedelic, and rebel style of music.

  12. Goose is still very young. It’s a different style of music for a different time. The only thing phish and goose really have in common musically is that they jam out. You don’t have to like it.

  13. Are you saying you can get phish tickets cheaper than goose? That totally depends on the circumstances: venue, venue size, city. It’s an apple and oranges comparison. Phish plays 20,000 capacity venues so there are more tickets in circulation (increased supply= lower price). Resellers have less bargaining power.

  14. They haven’t even crossed the border into Canada yet. Can we do that first please?

  15. i’m going to break the rules bc i can’t do just three, i’m so sorry downvote away but i tried and cant do it

  16. Yeah I deleted social media and it helped. But I probably have ADHD (undiagnosed) and I still struggle. There are a couple things that have helped me focus: meditation, weed (edibles in small doses, although I have quit for other reasons) I’m generally a very anxious person so I struggle with this a ton.

  17. Saturday tickets are rough but agree might pull the trigger on Friday

  18. This only happens at some shows, but the price will go way down the day of the show on resale

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