Jay Briscoe, Learning and Change

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  1. Darby pulling up the mat was kind of stupid because what the hell was his plan after that? He's not going to slam Joe, mat or no mat. Awesome match regardless

  2. Damn we're just running through these Danielson dream matches aren't we?

  3. I've seen a lot of women express this sentiment lately and I just want to say, as a man...I understand.

  4. I met one of my coworkers IRL for the first time last month (we were working from home for the last few years). Within 5 minutes of meeting her she starts going on about how the government wants to ban TikTok because that's where you go to learn the "truth". No fuckin idea what kind of weird shit she's into but I'm keeping my distance.

  5. I heard on Giant Bombcast last week that 2k23 has a War Games match. Is that actually confirmed? It was the first I had heard about it.

  6. That's so sick! Good call too because it'll probably be the only reason I'll buy the game.

  7. I had no idea Kenny Omega had visa issues but good to know he got that straightened out.

  8. This piece of shit needs to be in prison

  9. Every time I read about one of these, I get a little more paranoid that it'll happen to me. I've only been at my current home for about 4 years and have already had 2 occasions where cops showed up to my house by mistake. Those interactions didn't go bad at all and were during the day time while I was home but I feel like this shit's going to happen at night one of these days.

  10. He had a lot of responsibility in ECW, although some weird stuff has come out about him there’s no denying he was majorly key to ECW

  11. Only negative thing I've ever seen about Joey Styles was when he tweeted something calling Obama a Marxist lmfao. It was so stupid that it completely soured me on him and I was a big fan of his before that. Was there more?

  12. I've got to admit, I didn't really understand why people were hyping this storyline so much. Of course, I missed most of this because I very rarely actually watch WWE but the few segments I had seen didn't really seem that great. Seeing the way things played out last night completely changed my mind though. I appreciate this post because it's showing me how much I actually missed. I wasn't on here shitting on people that were enjoying the angle or anything like that but I still feel like I should apologize for silently disagreeing with everyone when they were going on about how good it was.

  13. Lmfao that's a good joke that I've never heard before. I'm holding onto that one.

  14. Somehow after what was released yesterday...don't think this kind of beat down was the right call

  15. I 100% don't think they considered that but yeah my mind went there too

  16. Went to give a high-five to a person who seemingly had down syndrome, then did the heel thing of taking away the hand and being a jerk.

  17. People really seem to forget what life was like before everyone was on the internet 24/7 and social media discourse was a thing. Some of us didn’t have the privilege of growing up in a time where every piece of information in the world was in our back pocket and we just had to rely on what we were told by the incredibly imperfect people and sources we looked to for knowledge.

  18. Growing up in Georgia, our state flag was like 90% the Confederate flag. I was in middle school when they changed it. I distinctly remember class discussions about it where almost everyone, including the black kids were against changing it. I was the one kid in class that wanted it changed but I think that was just because I'd heard ICP'S "Fuck Your Rebel Flag" song lmao.

  19. Lol I appreciate the joke but I have to point out that this was a good 10-15 years before that song came out

  20. Don't think I've ever seen anyone counter Bryan's corner flip. That was awesome!

  21. I didn't give a single shit about this match going in but this is pretty good

  22. Of course he ran out of toilet paper. He's always full of shit.

  23. Make all the matches be shoot fights so there's no politics about doing jobs. Let's see which promotion really has the best fighters. /s

  24. That felt like a WWE 2K My Rise mode cutscene lmao

  25. this Bray music sounds like something I would've rapped over back when I was still doing the horrorcore shit

  26. It was a theme they've chosen specifically for this episode. The regular one isn't too much better sadly.

  27. Oh okay so it's probably not the new permanent RAW theme but...why this song at all? I could understand using it for Smackdown but it seems like the most out of place choice they could've made for RAW lol

  28. At least he gave the game away early & didn't waste too much of your time (presumably). I know it sucks but it's better than finding out they're like this after you've invested time & energy into them.

  29. Come on now is it really such a crime to fart on a cop?

  30. I think society needs more examples like him. It's important to see people demonstrate that redemption is not only possible but doable. We hear about people getting "cancelled" (I hate that term but everyone knows what it means) all the time but I can't think of many people that actually redeemed themselves. At least, not publicly.

  31. This & his line to MJF last week reminded me of when TAKA Michinoku called Jerry Lawler a jackass on RAW back in like 1998.

  32. Lot of positive: amazing in-ring between Danielson, tag match and main event. I really like the women's angle of homegrown vs ex-wwe. I like Hangman getting back to the Elite soap opera.

  33. I think we'll start seeing these matches take their toll on Bryan as the weeks go on. I also think Bryan will have to wrestle Yuta and/or Claudio and/or Mox (if he's back before the PPV) . If they do those two things, I think it adds drama to the whole angle & also gives MJF a reason to be confident that he can hang with Danielson for 60 minutes. There are still 6 Dynamite's until Revolution so there's still plenty of build left. Hell, this match has already had more build than the last few PPV main events.

  34. Jesus christ man any time a wrestler does a diving dropkick or guillotine legdrop from the top to the outside, my butthole clinches.

  35. I don't know Kushida very well, but is his gimmick... Marty McFly?

  36. Pretty much, yeah. All his stuff is Back to the Future themed.

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