1. I'm laughing at the I have ad clear and DPS LOL

  2. Guardian I just figured out the meaning of life itself

  3. Max exotic roll is 71. Never seen it but I have a bunch of 70s in vault

  4. Did you focus using the specific one or the first cheaper means of focusing based on DLC?

  5. Who at bungie decided 11 million health for a dungeon boss was good?

  6. Why do you think people will use those weapons? What do they bring to the table that’s A) wort while and B) not something we already have?

  7. Well first I can say for example the stasis waveframe, will see use but to be honest every single weapon in the first slot is doomed because that is for either

  8. That helmet is bad a$$ it will stay on my hunter

  9. Fishing is a public event. Can't have 2 public events in one location

  10. While I understand that, fishing is in a fixed location on the maps so simply disable the other events in that area, problem solved.

  11. Fishing is only available to Season Pass owners so disabling other public events would be taking them away from non pass owners

  12. Your missing what I am saying, finish is on one part of the map, you are disabling public events only in that local area. You can still do public events all over but just not there, so the no pass holders can still do public events but just not in that local area.

  13. I couldn't stop laughing, ain't no way I am putting that on.

  14. I honestly think this was done just to piss people off, she is 100% trolling at this point.

  15. I refuse to guild my conqueror again or do that dungeon solo.

  16. Just did the solo….. took me 7hrs 20 minutes, I did it twice the first time I took a 5 minute break and got booted to orbit, second time I didn’t make that mistake

  17. Just an FYI I don't think you need to do a solo in one run unless it's solo flawless. When I got the Ghost for prophecy I did it in 2 days I beat the first two encounters then the rest the next day and got the "solo clear". I believe it's the same for all other dungeons, it only requires beating each encounter solo, it doesn't require it to be in one run. So you could have just went back in at the CP you had and continued.

  18. They were clearly adjusted for persons on console, a person using MNK could and can easily flick up and hit you. However on console if someone jumped up quickly it would be harder I think.

  19. Yes; I believe that he is controlled opposition and that he works for the government.

  20. I like to freeze people with the rift freeze and blow them away with a shotgun or stick them with witherhoard and watch them tick away like the helpless rats they are!!

  21. I have 3 great rolls and I am still waiting on buffs for this

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