1. Now this I'm on board with. I see some dudes in this thread threaten a fistfight, but honestly? You come to threaten my life? Joke about wishing to see me dead? Get gassed, cunt. I'm not a strong woman so I't try to avoid a physical altercation if my temper doesn't get the best of me. I'd probably end up hurt myself. But you know who is strong? My best girl named Mace.

  2. LOL Amber is an Herbalife supporter. That fits

  3. I ordered the kosher meal. I ordered it six weeks ago, I forgot!

  4. The best boy ever!!! My best friend died in October. I got a new buddy but it’ll never be the same. Cherish all the memories, cuddles, hugs, snores, and farts. He’ll always be with you. ♥️

  5. Id say mr. Lahey from the trailer park boys.

  6. I was looking for this comment. Hands down the best!!

  7. I’m so sorry sweet Lola. I lost my Moo October 16th. Every day hurts. There is nothing like the love of a bulldog. Sending you love.

  8. That’s what I came here to say! What a beautiful boy!!!

  9. Oh sweet Atlas. What a perfect face. I’m so sorry, may we all meet again one day in bulldog heaven. Say hi to my Moo for me. ♥️

  10. My bulldog’s name was Moo, he just passed on. Cheers to your Moo! He was a mighty warrior and I’m truly sorry he didn’t get his justice on earth but may he meet my mighty Moo and raise pure hell!!! ♥️

  11. Rub your bubbas head for me. We lost our Winston a couple months ago. What a beautiful Bully you have.

  12. I lost my boy almost 3 weeks ago. It’s just the worst pain ever. Sorry for your buddy Winston.

  13. Poor sweet baby. My boy who just passed from a heart condition had double cherry eye surgery when he was young, allergies, hip dysplasia, chronic dry eye among other things. They’re the best doggies in the world but it sucks. Swift healing for you sweetness. ♥️

  14. Oh sweet Winnie. She’s just beautiful. I lost my Moo a little over 2 weeks ago. It’s literally soul crushing..not gonna lie. Coming home from work not to him and going to bed without him snoring is just hell. I don’t have much advice because I’m in the midst of it but just try and smile knowing you gave her the absolute best life ever!! Sending you love and strength my friend. ♥️

  15. Bulldog heaven. That’s where all of our babies are simply running free waiting for the day they can greet us again! I’m so sorry. I’ve been there.. twice already, and will have to face it again. Bulldogs are one of a kind. Sending you hugs to get through this. ❤️

  16. Bulldog heaven sounds like a magical place. My boy just went there. I can’t wait to see it. 💔

  17. Queue to me trying to explain to a non listener how hilarious it is that jimmy so confidently thought oil came from Florida 😂😂

  18. Jimmie makes me feel smart and I appreciate that. Hahaha

  19. Jimmie’s wheeze is worth every cent of the patreon and I couldn’t agree more that James is a fantastic researcher. He really takes the time to get the facts and gives a shit. I just love how he does so much work and Jimmie just sits there and goes wow and oh my god! I mean again his wheeze makes it worth it and their banter is hilarious! Small Town Murder is my favorite podcast by far. Love these two!!!

  20. The silence is hell. I lost my bulldog 2 weeks ago and being home is just awful. I miss the heavy sighs like you said, the barking, the snoring, the farting haha. It’s so unbelievably hard. We traveled last weekend just to stay at a hotel to not be at home and this weekend too because the nights at home without him are the worst.

  21. Thank you so much for reaching out and for your very comforting words. I’m sorry for your loss as well. We spent a ton of money at the vet and lodging because his surgery was out of town, so I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. We promised each other that we’ll go on walks together now, to carry on the tradition of his daily walk.

  22. Oh the daily walks will help! And I hope Moo haunts us and your little guy too!! The morning after he passed I swear I heard him bark so I hope his spirit is still there. I know it’ll get better…just stinks.

  23. I have no tips sorry, just came to say Blue is gorgeous!

  24. This just happened to me. Almost identical. I am so sorry and feel your pain. I find myself going for walks in the morning looking at old pictures and crying. Hang in there. Sending you love

  25. I appreciate you so much. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. How old was your baby? I had a really bad night last night. I thought I was doing okay but last night was awful. I miss laying in bed and hearing him snore and stroking his huge chest. There’s just a massive hole in my heart that I know will never heal. I’m trying to think of the good times and what a spoiled, awesome life he had but I miss him so much, it’s just so hard. I’m sending you so much love my friend. ♥️

  26. Ruby was 9 years 7 months too. We were packing up the car to take her on a trip with us. Within a few minutes she was gone. I can relate to your sorrow so much

  27. Oh my. I’m so sorry. Wow that is identical. Oh sweet Ruby. Well maybe they needed each other wherever they went. I’ll be here if you need. I know it will get better but man this sucks.

  28. Looks like my kitty, so cute. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad he had a nice, long life. ♥️

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