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  1. So in this “click bait world” known as Ohio going on roller coasters and major sporting is more dangerous than living in Detroit; due to the constant attacks of giant monsters (occasionally giant statues join in) and random teenagers with super powers causing havoc in the region, the military decided to build the biggest tanks to fight those threats.

  2. To make it even scarier, they had no way to get his body out, he's still there, upside down, encased in concrete, they have a monument at the entrance of the cave for him now

  3. This is what happens when you try to fry a turkey that has not been properly defrosted,

  4. Your words have upset him, you owe him an apology, and an endless supply of worms

  5. Wish I had your luck, usually against a few Worcesters, Des Moines, and maybe a Shimakaze or two, with a team that'd rather shoot the angled Montana then the broadside Worcester burning them down and the destroyer 4 km away from them

  6. Probably not luck, probably just skill based matchmaking putting me with bad players, I'm terrible at the game😂

  7. Well I'm 52%, and my team doesn't seem to know that shooting the angled belt armor of a BB will bounce shells, and that yes, the destroyer does have torpedoes stop going around the corner with a Shimakaze waiting on the other side. Enemy team isn't much smarter but it's not too much of a skill thing and more who kills themselves faster

  8. Well, Großer Kurfurst struggles to stop, chances are going head to head with that Shimakaze hiding around the corner wasn't their fault, but everybody else should know better

  9. You don't need a PS5 to play the new one, just get the PS4 version and if you want to you can spend ten dollars to upgrade to the PS5 version when you do get a Next gen console

  10. This is the 9th time I've seen this today, shut the fuck up, please shut the fuck up

  11. getoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyheadgetoutofmyhead

  12. Yeah, that's all I need, a bed, a tv, a recliner, my Playstation, and my turtles

  13. How is this kill the camera man? They got everything perfectly, if shakily

  14. Imagine needing to drink milk to have strong bones I was born with them

  15. Don't come crying to me when your trip and fall and you pathetic bones crumble to dust

  16. If you need milk for strong bones then they're about as strong as an infants. Because those are the only creatures that actually truly benefit from milk. After that you can supplement the nutrients in milk by eating literally anything else, and you'd be giving up the fats and acid.

  17. I already had some of the densest bones my physician had ever seen, then I started drinking milk, that number went up, and all she could say was, "how?", Milk is not a crutch, it is an improvement to an already perfect being

  18. The orders were explicit to avoid unnecessary combat with British capital ships, as Germany could not risk 25% of all the modern capital ships they could possibly have during the war frivolously. Once Tirpitz was completed plans were to loosen the restrictions a bit (in the same operational orders).

  19. That's true, but returning fire on someone who is already firing down on you doesn't seem like unnecessary combat to me

  20. His friends later said that he apparently had a premonition of his death before sailing. He hinted it himself and had all his personal matters fixed before sailing.

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