1. I would suggest you think about words and their real definitions/meanings and then think about how their context should be reframed in your thinking, like... "exploit" doesn't mean to enslave or take advantage of, it means "to make full use of and/or derive a benefit from a resource" , if people are working/living to their full potential, they are exploiting their potential. Like.. exploiting a wrench or cog is different than exploiting people, and neither are bad.

  2. I think all politicians and judges should be impeached about once every year or two

  3. I think all presidents should be impeached for breaking numerous rules but I have never agreed with the reasons congress has actually impeached presidents for.

  4. either the company changing their mind when they can't get enough workers, or enough people who don't mind being paid in company funny money end up working for them?

  5. I forgot about that one, I remember the one with aliens and they chase them away with boards with nails in them

  6. I hope that they do have another remake coming out, I've been wanting to get HG/SS and they're just hard to find and expensive.

  7. Or you can make something like I did I made a urby scout 116kph 4x ER ML 2x ER SL 4x JJ ( had 6x JJ but needed some anti-turret fire)

  8. wait.. hold on.. hmm.. I'm trying to understand, is this the same 30 tons an Urbie normally is? But with.. 7 movement and a different weapon loadout? Sounds like you made a plucky fun mech!

  9. Yeah I just swapped out the 60 engine for a 250 increase its sensor range gave it some laser aims changed out the weapons cuz it has a 360 degree torso twist and now four of them are my super squad for low point battles they are called God's grace because that's all you're going to see when you die to them. (The idea started in BattleTech on my PC with pirate tech and it just evolved an I was able to make it a real life for shenanigans)

  10. I haven't heard of this before. Doing a search on my own end, I'm not exactly sure what you might be referring to either, who is the author?

  11. It's one of the BattleTech novels considered nearest to non-canonical and basically willfully forgotten by the publishers (as it adds aliens and doesn't even take place in the Inner Sphere). The author is Peter L Rice.

  12. Aha, yeah, maybe I should read it sometime. When I was doing an internet search for "Far Country" many other things came up, like movies and a book by churchil.

  13. What kind of adventures are you doing? Dungeon crawling? Hex crawling? You might try making two groups of active people for each room/scene/time slot, ask people what group they want to be in, they are still traveling/adventuring together, but maybe only one group is actively doing things at a time. Or each time you might encounter something, you might, say.. limit up to 3 people for acting in the event/thing/encounter unless it goes into combat, then everyone gets to act?

  14. You might think Tyranids are mindless, but hiveships gossip like the women from "sex and the city" every time they get together to eat a planet.

  15. I just finished season 3 of Orville a few days ago, beautiful show, I hope it gets season 4

  16. technically, the last one I played was "kirby and the forgotten land" , but I don't know if that is a good or bad thing

  17. Actually he did the simulation in 3D. I think I know the math of it. It is not exactly clear to me how he implemented it in unity. But I guess doing simulation in 2D is also good idea.

  18. working out the basic concepts in 2d is a good way to get started, then when you have a good model that just needs refined, you can switch to 3d and add the third dimention/vectors to your model and refine it further.

  19. That's a great idea. Thank you for the response. But how exactly do I do it? Do I make the planets interact with each other?

  20. you need to use functions to calculate distance between bodies, compare the mass of the bodies, and then calculate the vector of the acceleration gravity is applying to the bodies, and change the velocity vectors of the bodies by the acceleration.

  21. As a 51 year old, I was there at the beginning and loved Star Fleet Battles. I'm surprised I haven't come across this one. I applaud any attempt to make it simpler. Sadly the complexity is a bit much for the old brain now but I recently 3D printed some ships to a 10cm wide scale and played Richard Borg's "Red Alert" with Star Trek ships. Great Fun!

  22. This reminds me of a game. The premise was that time travel exists, and it took the twist that instead of going back to kill historical figures who were bad, you just kidnapped them as babies and locked them in a "bad kids daycare" to keep them from having an effect in history, but you know, they're still just babies so you take care of them.

  23. how many autocannons and machine guns is that? Also, wow, AC 20's are the short range ones, walking that slow you're not getting close to hit stuff, but still, a nasty surprise for anything that is close.

  24. We can't hold people to standards of competency! The only thing that matters is their stunning braveness, emotional speeches, and snarky comments

  25. He's the most sane democrat I've heard in a long time, I prefer him over all other democrats, but he is still not a libertarian and I would still vote for someone else over him, but he at least not be half as bad as biden or clinton or obama or hell, butagege or anyone else who has been in the democrat primaries.

  26. in D&D, I like to compare high level characters to like... positions within a company. Like.. at level 1 maybe you're a stock boy or work in the mail room, at level 6 maybe you're a middle manager, at level 14 you're upper management, at level 20 you're a CEO/president.

  27. he ALSO says that if we do get enough support/backing of people in those areas, we can make demands of the candidate who is starting off closer to libertarian views, to be even more libertarian in their policies, otherwise we could use our votes to make sure they lose

  28. Well first of all, Desantis is absolutely not closer to libertarian views.

  29. I am not familiar with whoever the democratic opposition to Desantis is, so I can't comment on which of the two is more libertarian, you are certainly right to criticize Desantis on things you think he's deficient on.

  30. That's amazing, did you freehand the numbers and other details or did you use any decals?

  31. BFG Leviathan is a pretty rad game. However it got took down. Only people who bought it in first year or 2 have access to it.

  32. I’m sorry officer, I loaded them up on my boat to leave them with the coast guard. I ended up hitting a huge wave and all of the rifles were thrown into the water. Silly me. I didn’t think to ratchet strap them down.

  33. You'd think Atlantis was arming for a war with all the weapons being lost at sea.

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