1. Yea I might do that lol. I'm pretty young but I've been smoking since I was 14 and weed has defo been a trial and error process for me. I'm kinda an idiot, but this sub has helped a lot when it comes to that lol.

  2. Don't sweat it stay curious but don't be afraid to have a little side of fear to protect those lungs friend. A lot of us are fearless when young, but to stay fearless can lead to an early grave or diminished capacity. You only get one body bro, life is hardcore VR hehe.

  3. Saaame. It’s too much groundwork to get ready to go without it hurting too much, then I’d feel like I was being impaled if he wasn’t careful. Not worth is. Also his new partner is more petite than me and I’m like HOW are you guys doing it?!?! Hahah

  4. Fyi a woman's size doesn't dictate how big is her vaginal cavity. I dated a 5 foot 10 woman with the tightest vagina I've ever come across, literally and figuratively.

  5. That all the grocery stores only sell pasturized yogurt killing all the cultures. Live cultured yogurt promotes gut health.

  6. Vladimir Putin to die on his toliet from constipation after 28 days of trying to drop a cinder block out.

  7. A fella can only kindly suplicate and hope St. Nicholas gives me my gift!

  8. Go watch Trailer Park Boys. Mr. Lahey gets the liquor in him quicker.

  9. As a human everyone dies from heart failure and brain death. The "how" is really just the proximate cause of the aforementioned human destiny. Essentially we all know how we'll die.

  10. That bottle is engineered to keep bud so secure the user manual is longer than the bible!

  11. All good, you know Florida Man is a smoker…

  12. Well wasn't calling burritos a wrap just an early 2000 marketing gimmick for places like Sonic and McDonalds?

  13. And smoking conventionally won’t? Fucking weird how stoners are so concerned with respiratory health even though we chow down on bowl/blunts/joints etc all day.

  14. Well i don't smoke. I dry herb vape (no combustion) and then use ABV to make edibles.

  15. Fair play then. ISO will definitely help. But I’ve personally frozen my grinder overnight, hit it against a metal pan, and all of the res came out after a few hits, even without ISO. Just make sure you freeze it long enough and it’ll come out. And then you can smoke that res, and that shit absolutely fucks you up.

  16. Why does Dick have any social/celebrity cache’? He is a garbage human whose only value to humanity might be his kidneys.

  17. Andy was on the same tv show as Phil and did drugs with Phil's wife.

  18. She was clean for 10 years. Andy knew this. Saying a murderer is a POS goes without saying.

  19. If i tell you, even talking about it hypothetically, will bring repercussions.

  20. https://giphy.com/gifs/nkzfYHycdXaFBa9TKa

  21. But did I brush my teeth? Damn my gums are sore. (I once brushed by teeth about 3-4 times in one morning because I waked and baked after a T break.)

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