1. Looking for a filled in map buddy, lmk if you know every single highway made

  2. Yes ik but there are highways in random locations even if u know what a plane is

  3. 2b runs on paperMC, which adds useful plugins to multiplayer servers. It can override some vanilla features, and since 2b is not in the current edition of minecraft it can cause some issues. PaperMC stores netherite data in its servers even if some servers don’t have netherite (like 2b), but you can still get these netherite properties into 2b. By renaming any block into minecraft:netherite_(block name), it gives that block or item netherite properties like fireproofness. After knowing this, a user can go on a horse and use entity speed in order to run into unloaded chunks in the nether. Once in an unloaded chunk that would be full of lava, drop ur shulk into it and it will drop it but also keep it in ur inv, effectively duping it. It does this since it shouldn’t be allowed to be fireproof in 1.12.2 but it somehow is, so papermc also leaves a shulk in ur inv just incase there’s bugs. If this was confusing it’s bc the dupe requires precision, and if you fail just let email hause and he would be glad to help

  4. Shulk later disappeared, wonder what would’ve happened if I put it in an item frame

  5. Milesplit will prolly have them but you’ll probably have to get milesplit pro. Milesplit pro is not a terrible investment, you can watch your heat after you’ve raced and can find photos of you if you were in it.

  6. Are they high quality and professional. I might get it

  7. i bought aftermarket belts and they did the same thing. I just shaved the inside wall of the cover where the belt hit until it didn’t anymore

  8. Which part, all of it or just the part around the screws

  9. just the inside only where the belt is making direct contact with the cover

  10. I fell at 18mph on rough roads and got pretty bad injuries. For the rest of summer I only went gear 3. Now since it’s been like 8 months I have gained more confidence and actually don’t stick to the side of the road as much bc I’m usually going the speed limit. I would not recommend going top speed on the side of the road, the middle of the lane is much smoother and I would recommend riding there if there are less cars

  11. This happened to me a year ago when it fell well I was riding. 0 and I mean 0 videos were on the internet on how to fix this. I can help if you still need it, it was super hard at first but simple once I realized what to do

  12. I really want the quick charger, but I’m commenting for the cover because last year my remote hit the ground so hard the wheel on it broke! (I fixed it)

  13. I have a riot, dude go with hub. I think the noise of riot is pretty loud, it’s hard to hear if a car is behind you. Also, the noise may annoy people and bring attention to you. If you don’t care about that go ahead and get riot, because it’s better in almost every way.

  14. I have the exway flex in riot belt. Very good board almost no complaints. Riot is better than hub basically in every way, except for durability and noise. (Durability meaning you don’t have to worry about belts being torn) For college, go with hub. Performance wise I don’t think you will care because unless you like going over 20mph you won’t notice much of a difference. I would just go with hub because it is quiet. Whenever I see a eboard on campus it’s hub, and I’m glad because it’s not annoying and doesn’t seek attention. I would just go with hub because with belt people may complain about noise. Belt is loud and I don’t wanna hear anyone say it idnt

  15. Because you are not the only person that wants to play the server. It’s not just you, so if everyone did that then the queue would be a fraction of what it is now.

  16. You are missing the point. If EVERYONE contributes to starting this, the queue will slowly become shorter, so it will no longer be 5 hours long later on

  17. I’m not gonna do it till everyone else does, and I don’t mind waiting 5 hours if I plan abead

  18. Shulkers with everything from totems to PVP kits they are in a weird spot and it doesn't surprise me that the original griefer did not find them so if you get there quickly you might be able to find some stuff

  19. that sucks, but i recognize that wheat, see you there in 15

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