1. It’s crazy we can have Piluts rights for like 10 years but guys we spent first round picks to draft a couple years ago can hold out and stay in college a couple seasons while they develop and just go anywhere they want after

  2. Ovechicken back at it again. You’ll be on the receiving end one day bud and no one will say anything because of the precedent you helped set

  3. "Tell your brother he's ugly" -- Marchand to one of the Sedin twins

  4. Rich from 5’ 6” Toucan Sam. Not a good chirp when it’s the pot calling the kettle black

  5. Hope he can get the fuck out of there. Crazy shit like this happens in modern day

  6. Sounds like more of the same with a revolving door of cheap vet goalies this season. Maybe that will help our case for Levi/Portillo next offseason

  7. Fiala would be a good pickup but have to imagine they want someone we probably shouldn’t trade. I’d love to see the asking price

  8. We were actually winning at the end of the season against decent teams and have some momentum going into the offseason. Why take one step forward to take two backwards

  9. Tage isn’t unsellable tbh. He jumped by such astronomical leaps that a crash back to earth seems as likely as following that season up with a similar one.

  10. I disagree you shouldn’t trade one of the hottest young players in the league

  11. Imagine Brady trying to stop Josh shooting up the A gap ☠️. He would literally knock him into the stratosphere or jump straight over him

  12. McDavid the best player in the world by a mile and not first team. ok

  13. I’m surprised buddy could even get in for a kiss with that schnoz protecting her

  14. Get 33 year old Bunting off the list that’s sad let the kids compete

  15. If Makar wasn’t trendy right now Josi would have won 100% and should have

  16. Yeah it makes more sense with the timeline too. Well be in a much better position to make a push in 2 seasons rather than next

  17. Stay in your net and you won't get ran over Lucic not allowed to hot guys that weigh less then him?

  18. The literal first thing they teach you when your 5 years old is you can’t initiate contact with a goalie. Definition of common sense isn’t so common

  19. Because goalies stay in the crease or trapezoid 95% of the time, against the rules to initiate contact in the crease, not out of the crease

  20. I think the Blackhawks GM is an absolute idiot to try to rebuild his team by keeping Towes and Kane but trading Debrincat.

  21. Maybe, but if Mittlestadt instead of Cozens or Krebs gets it done I’ll do that 100%

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