Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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  1. Probably the worst part for the owner was hearing g those gears get ground to hell

  2. Yes, and the best part was not being shot dead. Sometimes, strong-arm hijackers kill their victim.

  3. Does this mean they will now have access to his DNA for those rape cases?

  4. Maybe, but, first, he has to physically appear at a location to be arraigned. Will he appear? Who knows? He has two jets parked at the Palm Beach International Airport less than 4 miles from his mansion. Either one of his jets can fly him outside of U.S. territorial limits within five minutes after takeoff.

  5. Bruv there's a million fucking links in the post. The whole thing is big news because no former president has ever been indicted. It's all over the news, just go watch or use Google. Why do I need to explain this to you? Are you incapable of finding information on your own? I hate people that pull this nonsense because I know you're just going to argue in bad faith and I know better than to waste my time.

  6. Got it. The Washington Post is reporting he has been indicted, but The Washington Post does not report what are the charges filed against him because the charges are sealed and remain a secret.

  7. AI-generated photos of how Trump would behave during his arrest:

  8. Man it is NOT a good idea to follow Trump, or work with him... I don't think there has been any president, or person even, that had so many people around them jailed.

  9. ... To halfway quote a somewhat infamous, DARVO, twice impeached and loser ex-president: ...

  10. So the state agrees to pay 5.5 million for 16 years, do the math , they low balled this man- $941.13 cents for each day he stayed in jail.. thats 5844 days post his 24 hour release.

  11. The National Registry of Exonerations —

  12. If he was in the military when he was put in prison there may be something there also. Not sure how that works.

  13. If his official DOD record shows "Honorable Discharge", he might be eligible for lifetime VA health care and other veteran benefits. Maybe DOD can find a way to pay him for back pay plus interest, covering the original term of enlistment he was unable to fulfill.

  14. This guy should be barred from working in any university, and police should investigate the allegations.

  15. He was 14 when he fatally stabbed Tristyn Bailey in 2021.

  16. No, I'm sure it would be a bad idea I am kind of half joking. But after this war is over they definitely can't ever trust Russia again so should have them for self defense or instead at least become a part of NATO.

  17. Ukraine as a NATO member would be good.

  18. Navalny is the one who doesn’t think that Crimea is Ukrainian and also he has a long story of hate red towards Georgian and Ukrainian people. He cannot be considered as a valid opposition.

  19. In federal court, simple possession of marijuana in a first offense is a misdemeanor. 57.7% of first offenses were sentenced to probation only. In the other cases of first offense, sentences ranged from around 15 days in jail, but not more than 1 year in jail.

  20. He’s convicted on multiple felonies. He loses his right to vote and firearms. Things vary from state to state but in Virginia he may be eligible to restore his voting rights after he’s released from prison, but he has to go through a fairly lengthy process.

  21. That’s because drug dealers lure these kids into hiding the drugs for “large” amounts of money. The UK isn’t going to win the war on drugs using the police, best way to tackle it is legalisation. Considering the UK still has marijuana criminalised shows that there is an lack of progress in the parliament.

  22. It's past time to legalize pot possession for personal consumption in the UK.

  23. 51% led to no further action. Which leads me to ask the question: What action(s) were taken for the other 49%, and why?

  24. Who knows what really happened? The videos in the article show a large crater and other damage. Surveillance satellites or other methods might be able to determine whether the damage is staged, recent, old, or something else.

  25. Many more prizes are waiting for Williams and her fellow felons sentenced to incarceration in the Federal Bureau of Prisons for attacking the U.S. Capitol, including the following examples of a tightly-contained world of custom-made special prizes:

  26. We know that she wouldn't have even made to trial if she were black

  27. The following links includes photos/screenshots of the faces of Mark Ponder and Tyrone McFadden, Jr.:

  28. Sure wish that website wasn't so shitty. Scrolled up and down all over no video

  29. When it plays, the video is located immediately beneath the line of text that reads "Share" near the top-left of the page. I had to refresh the page 2 or 3 times before the video became visible. When the video begins playing, the resolution and clarity are very good, but it has no audio.

  30. Mass shooter Stephen Paddock had a middle name, too: Craig.

  31. While it's good he's going to prison for longer, I still don't understand how this is legal. If the plea deal was rejected, shouldn't that mean it goes to trial?

  32. No. Typically, plea agreements in a criminal court include the following 4 components:

  33. If he is convicted, I hope this loser gets the maximum sentence of

  34. This could be the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. I am not condoning/defending his actions, but You think an idiot kid who is already going to have his life ruined needs to be criminally prosecuted at the state and federal level and then civilly too? You sound like a sad lonely person.

  35. ...and consequences for the victim.

  36. And when he can’t get a job, he’ll still blame it on everyone and everything but himself.

  37. LOL! Hilarious. It is. Trumperware.

  38. Outstanding! California lawmakers are way ahead of the curve.

  39. It's a good thing she was stopped and arrested. After she was pulled over, she could not drive her car to cause injury or death of another person or herself. The question is that after losing her job as a deputy, did she continue to drive drunk at any time?

  40. Wonder if he also had an escort through the building by capital police?

  41. You seem to be ignorant about what happened.

  42. Your fine and kind comment reminded me of this video; enjoy:

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