[OC] isn’t he gorgeous?

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  1. I agree, what I mean is pitbulls happen to be the dog of choice for people who shouldn’t have dogs. People who don’t look after them properly and let them roam around the street unchecked until something goes wrong. The kinds of people who could turn a Labrador into a dangerous dog. That’s why pitbulls are so often in the news. Good dogs that has a massively negligent and ignorant owner demographic

  2. What exactly are you trying to achieve in this comment thread? Literally everyone on this subreddit has heard/read everything you've said 100x from lots of other people, none of this is new info.

  3. Pitbull isn't a breed, all the blocky headed terriers get lumped in that descriptor

  4. Dogs are the best smugglers. Just that look of complete contentment with the world.

  5. Yep, they smuggle only the finest slobbery kisses for way cheaper than market value

  6. Happy bday handsome lil chonk! Wishing you many more healthy and happy years! 🥳🥳💕

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