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  1. Min wein btejo into l'wled li bala khele2 w sooo b wa2tkoun. Farjina shatartak w 7kilna nikte, yalla.

  2. Smallah 3alek... 7kilna shi nikte t'kon "millennial" w "woke" w da7ekna ma3ak. Ya Latif sho mahdoum

  3. Lak khallesna ba2a.... Ya redd 3a zalame ya ma tredd abadan. Ma bta3rif shi illa hal joumle?

  4. ...and DO WHAT? Ya khayye, it's been 2 years with no fruits! What are we going to do this time that is different than all the other times?! Mish 3am ifham

  5. Baddak l 7a2i2a... Lezim nbalish n2awis 3alayhon. Fi 7adan bala sharaf w a7ses la7 yesma3ak w yis2al 3anak?

  6. Fi ktar n'es 3ayshin min 100$ la 100$. Min hol el 3alam li 3amlin 7alon uno li 3am bi sir va btassir 3alayon. W fi nes ba3ed 3am byeb3ato masare min barra. Li khasranin hine li ma 3indon 7adan barra w mish msamdin shi aw ta7t ra7mit za3imon.

  7. Constants attacks and mounting deaths. Not a single Israeli soldier died during the withdrawal.

  8. Sho khas during the withdrawl? Baddak te7sob bl wa2et li keno mi7talin.

  9. Fuck the government fuck Hezbollah fuck the culture of death

  10. Ana ma3ak, fuck hizballah... Bas ma nsit kam wa7ad minon? Masalan LF, w kam wa7ad tene?

  11. 7abibeh refugees in most countries are considered a (humain) burden and legally are not permitted to work and live on state WELLFARE thus costing money to local economy so YOU GET your information straight because you are in a fucking deep confusion.

  12. Bi bled barra "lmo7tarameen", ma byekhdo the equivalent of 30% of their local population in refugees, this is economical suicide!! Bel bled lmo7tarameen, yalli already fiyo a VERY well established taxation system 7abibeh metl ma mfakkar, byekhdo 0.03%-0.10% YEARLY or less in refugees!!! To think otherwise is plain stupid. And for these refugees to work they need to be issued work permits and the majority don't get one if they compete against local skilled workers. Mish metl bi leb, neko l2akhdar wel yebis!

  13. Inta 3anjad wa7ad btkhabis bl 7ake mohem te7ke. Ana fhimit sho 3am tektoub bas l mawdo3 3an iza gheir bled b khallo lej2in ysawto. W gheir heik bas 3am redd 3ala tokhbisak 3an min leji2 w min immigrant w 3am illak Uno ma btefro2 bl no2ta li 3am be7ke ana 3ana. Law bas bt shil rasak min tizak shway w btrakiz btefham.

  14. This is the kind of behavior that pushes people deeper into their sectarianism. And then you wonder why people keep electing the same leaders? Because they don't trust anyone to protect them from sectarian based violence. It's an endless cycle...

  15. Uno 2itille idiot mish ma3neta uno ma3ak 7a2... Ille idiot min hala2 lal ekhra Mish fer2a ma3e.

  16. Meshi ana brainwashed... Bas inta ba3ed ma jewabt 3al so2al (aw yimkin ma fhemto). Sho... Badak tjewib aw badak etdalak tkhabis?

  17. Regardless on where I stand on the issue, just a quick thing, please stop saying that the "nizam" is distinct from their citizens. In Lebanon and in most arabic countries, the government or nizam is in fact a very precise and accurate representation of their people.

  18. Ol lal fashi habibe... Hinne li sheyfin 7alhon a7san w imiton aktar min ghayron.

  19. Because she's pretending that you can be pro hamas and against hezbollah and not be a hypocrite. Inno in her opinion, hezbollah stole the mumena3a bass hamas la2? All these "mumena3a" people are basically hamas supporters lying to themselves thinking that there will be space for them at the table once hamas "liberates Palestine". They will be thrown off the balconies like their friends in Syria once these guys achieve their goals... Hamas wants to annihilate Israel and replace it with an Islamic Palestine. A truly secular and human rights support of Palestine has to be moderate and has to include Israel in some way. Otherwise shut up about human rights and oppressed people and whatever else..

  20. Meshi... Ma ba3rif ana mish ma3 Hamas... ana ma3 l mokawame li blebnen... bas ma fi lwa7ad ykoun dod hamas ka siese w ma3 lfikrit defe3 balado?

  21. Smalla 3lek w 3a hezbak… ma hada 3ayezkon enta w hezbak el er. Ento jame3a ma8sul dme8kon. W allah y3enkon. Bokra byeje yawmkon w nshalla dal 3ayesh la kun 3amb edhak. Wen elle bado yharrer falasteen w bado yaewe w yodrob 7ayfa w ma ba3da 7ayfa.

  22. Bala zo2... Mbayan fashi w mfakar 7alak a7san min ghayrak. Nes li mitlak li b zakrouna uno wala momkin l mokawame tetrok sle7a la an fi zo3ran mitlak bi fadil yshouf libneiyen mayten w yihram israliyin.

  23. Hol phalasitiniyin aw shi 3am ye3mlo mashekil w lhizb dod hal shi. lhizb ma byed3am 7adan y7arkish b hal tari2a. Kamen lhizb ka mokawame mish mitl Hamas w be2it l majmo3at li mish mitarbin. lhizb b khatit w bye7sob... Hayde mish shagle li3bit wled.

  24. La habibe mish horrin y3abro aan ra2yon w yhadedo l salem.

  25. Eh la2 habibe ibn 3amme... Hayda ardna w mbala ilna ha2. Ma 7ada 3am yhaded l salem, ma tkhaf.

  26. They can protest and express their opinions in their neighborhoods. They don't need to go to the border and provoke Israel. That's irresponsible.

  27. Ni7na ardna b wasil la l7dod w ilna ha2 no2af 3al l7dod w n3abir 3a ra2yna. Ma ilna ha2 no2ta3 l7dod.

  28. Lak ya walad... 3am to2ra aktar ma lezim b hal sub hon habibe killon mitjam3in li b amno bl 3aw (hezb) hon b hal sub kil shi ghaltit l hezb w amal (w shia) w shwayyit l be2yin...

  29. Dude it’s not about “Arabs”, we have enough problems already to deal with let other “arabic” countries defend the Palestinian cause for once.

  30. Tnaynetna 3arfin l terikh w l mashekil li sarit mish min wara heik sarit min wara mashekil diniye w nes min libneiyen sheyfin 7alon mish 3arab w a7san min ghayron. Mish ma3neta ma ken fi phalasitiniyin akho sharmota, akid ken fi bas l mashekil li sarit sarit min wara l fascist li keno dodon add l israliyin.

  31. Fucking retards. They support Hezbollah, wouldn't expect anything less

  32. Ma 7ada retard illa inta. 3al alile 3am b 3abro 3an ra2yon w 3am ye3mlo li adrin leh... Mish mitlak w abo tiz 7addak li ma fer2a ma3kon sho bi sir bl 3arab.

  33. Everyone will be terrorist when you treat like animal, we don't care so we are terrorist but you will not take my dignity

  34. Hamas lost any semblance of dignity when they used their own children as meat shields.

  35. That is only Propaganda, where to hide weapons? Is only big like a parking space of course people will be near! But Israil they tie children palestinian to cars and other thing for shield. They are disgusting. Fuck you labels, I want my freedom.

  36. WHat a twisted analogy, how can you help the Armenians? In no way that I can think of.

  37. 3am teda7ako 3a 7alkon iza miftekrin uno Israel keno a3ado bi mofawadat ma3 lebnan law ma fi hizballah w 3erfin uno iza ma 2tafa2o lhizb la7 ydefi3 3an ha2na.

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