1. Just to point out, the new android phones are more expensive than the iPhones, so your angry rant against iOS doesn’t really apply.

  2. Here's the other half of the list they don't want to post.

  3. They must have the most annoying post spending their day yelling at tourists who keep doing dumb shit

  4. The execution was pretty bad, yes. Who came up with the plans, set deadlines, and made the deals with the Taliban again?

  5. No one thought to look over the plan to make sure there wasn’t a repeat of Iraq under Obama/Biden? Stop passing the blame onto the person who wasn’t in charge.

  6. Leaving was the right choice, and the reality here is that it was going to be a disaster no matter when or how it happened. Negotiating American troop pullouts with the Taliban, without involving the Afghan government (you know, the group that’s gonna be in charge when we leave) is fucking stupid.

  7. Is there a news article to read? Not saying you’re wrong I’m just very curious about the development

  8. PRIME is also a good starter company, but does have a really long training period.

  9. Correct, but worth it imo. My two trainers were top notch (PSD & TNT). However not everyone will get the same experience, some trainers are dogshit and won’t take you off the pad. Can be a hit or miss, but most are great. I was gone for 10 days driving daily with my instructor on the NE regional account before going back to focus on backing. Then TNT takes a while, last I heard it’s 50k miles. Prime was always good to me, the NE regional pay was damn good (average net $1400/week).

  10. well, $15 worth of cheap alcohol can also literally kill a person. alcohol is the cheapest thing to OD on

  11. Can get handle of bottom shelf vodka for $6 up here

  12. Yeah because dumping a mag in someone instead of using a taser is an acceptable option… /s

  13. Unless, of course, you're in the American republican party, then it's just business as usual.

  14. Which party was it again that caught someone fucking a Chinese spy? Don’t forget your clown shoes on the way out.

  15. Doesn’t match the narrative they’re after

  16. He’s going to be spending a lot of time there in the future

  17. “Start class action lawsuit because they won’t update the game”

  18. Cute barrier, now grab a shovel it’ll take a few minutes.

  19. If only your first name was Clark…

  20. You can clearly see a backpack BEHIND the front passenger seat and also the leg of the person holding the phone in the back seat. The car is a 4-door. You can see the door once again, BEHIND the front passenger seat! It is extremely clear your attention to detail is lacking....

  21. Edit: I take that back, I see another cup holder up front. I take my L.

  22. Thank god I wasn't even going to respond to that nonsense...

  23. Would have been no need, my comment was in fact nonsense and it was my hill I died on.

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