1. I was talking about not justifying slavery in real life.

  2. Don’t worry, the fnv subreddit assumes that if you like the legion even remotely you hate everyone that isn’t white, male, a capitalist and a furry. They very much take your opinions (about a game) as if they’re your real world views (it’s just a game they can turn off and stop playing)

  3. Jojolion, sbr is cool, but i kinda prefer the mystery of part 8

  4. Would jailhouse lock not counter it? iirc, weather wasn’t effected by it (at first) because he didn’t know of Pinocchio, so he could talk to him and was fine, but when he met Van Gogh, only then was he effected by it.

  5. The second camera angle completely threw me off, it was unexpected and unexplained the entire time. I maybe thought it would be something so we the audience wouldn’t think he was cheating, but then why (or how) would he cheat in that context. It was unnecessary.

  6. That’s been a thing for a while I’m pretty sure. Not way to fix it unless you get block broken

  7. Don't give Uzu any ideas. Once he's done with the reworks, he's probably gonna drop the biggest skin update in all of history

  8. As long as it just one update every like, 3-4 months, I’d be fine with uzu dropping 30+ new skins. It’d give the game something to do again

  9. That doesn’t look bad tbh, i reckon a silver and white tw would make a good skin

  10. Nice, the part about the family I'm always confused about is if you count the green baby as dios child and therefore count pucci 2 as dios grandchild

  11. It really depends if you count the green baby as a reincarnation of dio (as the anime/ manga imply) or as DIO’s child (born from his bone).

  12. I feel like scary monsters and Diego’s scary monster form should both be different stands

  13. But they’re the same stand? With the same user? He’ll probably make it so full dino mode requires a bar to filled

  14. Thought it was just my headset glitching out earlier, but yea i had the same issue. Don’t know what caused it or what fixed it, it just stopped after a few games

  15. How the hell do you peak without ADS? I've been trying to figure that out on console

  16. It’s a PC exclusive feature. Probably because controller doesn’t have enough buttons for it

  17. That’s what i was thinking months ago when he said ‘cream and purple haze reworks’ and here we are with everything but a cream rework :/

  18. He probably doesn’t even play YBA, yea he designs and codes it, but i doubt he knows how to do 100-0 combos and shit. He’d get shit on by 99% of the player base if he wasn’t using mod specs

  19. Bloody stream is overrated as fuck. Yea it’s good, but it’s definitely not top 5

  20. No, the “SBR-verse” and the “OG-verse” are two completely different things. There are similarities, but unless Araki shows an in-universe explanation of these similarities (as in, something other than fanservice) it’s best to assume that nothing can cross between Parts 1-6 and Parts 7+

  21. I wouldn’t say spin is the best spec, boxing and vamp are def better, but spin is the most fun. It feels so nice to use and not have to worry if your doing something wrong by not doing the exact 25-0 combo

  22. Tusk Act 4 utilizes the perfect infinite spin and can cross interdeminsional barriers (love train) it can also move in stopped time (high voltage arc) it can do these things because the infinite rotation allows it to ignore these concepts. Tusk Act 4 could not beat GER because GER resets the willpower of anyone who intends to harm Giorno. As soon as Johnny commands Tusk to throw a punch at Giorno, GER resets that movement. A fun thing to think about is if GER would be able to reset Act 4 all the way to Act 1, probably not but that'd be cool

  23. Act 4 nails would still probably pierce GERs RTZ strike, since you can’t really return infinity to zero

  24. Return to zero, basically just return anything back to its point of origin. It’s how giorno beats diavolo

  25. Safety lock is a big no no, imagine being rushed by a boxing heavens door and you can’t attack them for 5 seconds

  26. Simple Solution to that, just disable spec moves when safety lock is used.

  27. see, I can’t agree with that, if it really was just about showing evil people doing evil things then you wouldn’t constantly show women in the most se*xualised way possible, you’d focus on the assault and probably not even really show it in the scene Instead, we even see slow shots of it almost like they did this for you to see and be turned on by it in some way, and this constantly happening to women only is just odd, and then they brought a child into this!!! why would someone do that

  28. "I use what I find fun" players when they find out that people can have fun from playing meta

  29. Of course, because writing out entire paragraphs as CD boxing is ‘fun’

  30. I suppose pressing 2 buttons the entire match is more exciting then

  31. No but I think I’d rather do that then type the same 16 letter combo every time I want to win a fight

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