1. Shaka Smart is going to be a very popular man in Milwaukee.

  2. Moved to Bend last year and I miss the West Hills most of all. We have better MTB trails but Portland is a top tier road biking city. Can’t wait to ride back there again!

  3. You know what's sad? Many cities in America would kill for these bumpy bike lanes, as they have very limited or no bike lanes.

  4. If he wants to be faster, then it's definitely worth his time

  5. Yes, 100%. I feel like this sub sometimes mistakes "you're not a pro" for "no need to get faster at all, just ride a big ol' comfy steel with 42s".

  6. Yeah, good call. My Diverge is geared for climbing/off-road. The ratio is not ideal for fast packlines on the road at all.

  7. She's gotta be a complete fucking nightmare to deal with on the regular.

  8. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her right hand woman is also an egotistical bitch.

  9. Why is Danielle egotistical (serious question, not meant to be argumentative)?

  10. She is a known tattle tale, and has this arrogance about her because she's the boss's sidekick. She thinks she's hot shit.

  11. This is why I’m voting to change everyone next election. At this point I don’t care if they’re R or D.

  12. Careful. I said I was considering voting for Republicans if the current Democrats couldn’t help this homeless crisis, and I was told on here that that means I hate LGBTQ people and I’m basically Hitler.

  13. How did you enjoy that ride in the Columbia River Gorge? Make it to Vista House?

  14. It was great, except for the 4-5 miles on the shoulder of 84 before you got to Hood River. I hear that there is a new section of bike path now that alleviates the highway section. Vista House was worth the trip, along with Multnomah Falls.

  15. No doubt. You can avoid 84 entirely even without that path but it requires some maneuvering. That section is much welcomed!

  16. Really harsh to group it with the all time bad interview list.

  17. I thought it was a relatively run-of-the-mill interview outside of the stuff about his friend's death. And I didn't think that part was bad, per se, just a bit awkward. The rest of it seemed fine to me, and I laughed a few times. No idea why people are saying this was an all time bad interview.

  18. You’d rather watch a thick piece of meat go in and out, in and out. Right? No judgement man

  19. Everywhere these days. I have family in Chicago and South Bend, IN. Both have reported multiple cases of family/friends being hit for them. It's nationwide now. We need some kind of federal intervention. I'm not holding my breath on that...

  20. The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Lots of people have comorbidities that have never been diagnosed, and that’s where a lot of folks get into trouble with Covid. Also, the whole argument that you’re less likely to die from Covid is silly. It’s not dying, its the absolute inundation of critical care units, staffing shortages due to quarantine and kids being sick, and long term affects that folks are experiencing.

  21. Ok then convert it to hospitalization- properly vaxed and boosted people have a 0.003% chance of being hospitalized so far based on the data we have. If you’re terrified of a 0.003% chance of something, you’re irrational.

  22. You’re willfully ignoring my larger points.

  23. Right, and that part sucks. Again, I’m addressing the original comment which was that grocery store workers should be “terrified”. No, they shouldn’t. It will suck when we all inevitably covid. It won’t be terrifying.

  24. I told my loved ones I want that outro to be the music played as my casket is going into the ground, and I wasn’t kidding.

  25. I'm 30 and I ran a marathon in October.

  26. I’m saying this for your own good- that doesn’t really matter. I have gone on numerous rides with cycling newbs who were otherwise very active and athletic people, including two professional soccer players, and none of them were prepared for one basic 50 mile ride, let alone what you’re describing. Cycling is really its own thing. You HAVE to train for it separately no matter how fit you are. I would say 3-5 days a week of riding for 4+ months at least. And make sure you’re doing hills training too.

  27. The amount of black on that map demonstrates to me that contrary to "Visit Bend!"s relentless nation-wide propaganda, Bend is certainly not a "bicycle town" in any way.

  28. I think it's kind of both though? I do think we need cycling infrastructure upgrades but some of the black on that map makes me scratch my head. I ride the Neff>Penn>Olney stretch quite often and it's marked almost entirely black on here. Huh? It has wide designated bike lanes on both sides, stoplights and stop signs often, car lanes given plenty of space... I see very average looking cyclists on that route often and they don't seem uncomfortable.

  29. Would you let your kids ride there?

  30. I don't have kids, but I don't think I would want kids under 13 or so riding on any roads unless there were those concrete barriers or plastic poles that fully separate bike lanes. In that case, no city in America is really bike friendly.

  31. Wasn’t he just talking about how he’s 100% Boomer Sooner a few weeks ago?

  32. How in the world do people still fall for quotes like that? How should this be surprising even one bit knowing what we've seen happen in similar situations a million times?

  33. Cam Newton as well. Just unbelievable how good that one season was.

  34. Good point, I would put him in that category as well, not sure how I missed that.

  35. That’s my pet peeve too. By definition it’s supposed to once in a generation type of player. If there’s 1-2 every year it doesn’t mean anything to slap that label on

  36. Agreed. I think there are two players since 2000 I would consider to be "generational" in college football- Reggie Bush and Ndamukong Suh.

  37. I don't think anyone in this picture looks like Peggy Olsen.

  38. What is he famous for? I’m 32 and have been pretty heavy on internet culture since like 2004 or so but I only just heard of this guy the last year on TikTok and all I see are vague posts about what a legend he is/was. What was he known for back in the day?

  39. He is wrong to say fuck Notre Dame. Why get mad at us for accepting the playoff bid? Should we have turned it down?

  40. No one is ever wrong for saying 'fuck Notre Dame'. Y'all have more advantages than anyone in the country, yet find ways to lose to Cincinnati and Oklahoma State.

  41. Go buy everything necessary to make a cheese pizza from scratch, no pre-made dough. Make sure you have enough to make the size you can buy for 18$ Make it, then ask yourself what a fair price is.

  42. I have and do, often, even with good quality King Arthur flour. It should not cost $18-20 for a plain cheese pie.

  43. Gotta pay for the lease, employees, insurance, maintenance, marketing, equipment, ingredients.

  44. I understand how food/retail business works and that cost of goods is but one factor. I’m saying even with all of that, I think a spot would be better off going the Rovente route. There’s a reason they have multiple locations going strong for decades yet their pizza isn’t all that great. Sometimes people just want a big ass plain cheese pizza for their kids or to watch football for $13. I love Apizza Scholls but it’s unrealistic to spring for that quality/expensive stuff regularly.

  45. I've taken my Kickr apart and if you're intrepid you could take a peek and see if it's a bearing or the belt tensioner or belt or whatever.

  46. This is awesome, much appreciated, thank you!

  47. No he’s a good coach but far from great. And he’s like the 7th best coach in program history. He’s the “winnningest” because of watered down 12 game schedules. Look BK is a good coach but he’s not an elite coach. He’s a lazy recruiter, is terrible at QB development, has a bad offensive scheme. He lost like 90% of the big games we played in. He’s not going to succeed at LSU.

  48. He's the only good coach y'all have had since the early 90's when you chased Holtz away. I want to like your program because screw Navy, but you are all insufferable. BK is the best thing to happen to your program in literal decades and y'all are selling him down the river.

  49. You’re right, he’s the only good coach we’ve had since Holtz. He’s not a great coach, he’s a good coach. I’m thankful for what he did for the program. He’s also an asshole who alienated a lot of people(including some I know who worked for him), and he wasn’t good enough to win 90% of the big games we played in.

  50. You lose .6w from flimsiest to stiffest.

  51. I wish this kind of thing were stated more often when discussing power/aero/weight improvements. I see so many products that are 2-3x the cost advertised as “faster, more power” etc, and in reality it’s such a minuscule difference. But that doesn’t matter because people hear “faster, saves watts, more aero” and think they need it.

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