Chapter 177 [English]

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  1. Genegarg also steals medals from Hikari Lab in Ultraman Z series.

  2. Belial is buffed in his debut movie, and somehow Dyna is doing better against belial than Land of Light Ultras haha.

  3. Yeah but it's shit for the fans which is annoying. Dunno why the teams have so much power really

  4. Kalo di Indonesia batasan batasan bela diri itu gimana ya? Kan kalo di amrik yang sering ditonton dipilem pilem kalo masuk batas tanah pribadi apalagi membawa senjata dan mengancam keselamatan halal untuk ditembak selama tidak ditembak dari belakang

  5. Pelaku jangan sampe mati + lu punya bekingan yang kuat.

  6. There's Mother, who's just a doctor. There's Yullian, who used to be good in battle but is now just the princess. There's Beth, who's a certified badass. There's Grigio, the imouto character and she's currently very weak right now. And then there's Carmearra/her counterpart from Tiga, the bad bitch (GOD she's so hot!!).

  7. Grigio is not weak, shes stronger than Rosso and Blue individually

  8. Godzilla Earth is an organism that follows its programming. Competing for environmental dominance isn’t really “evil.” He’s amoral.

  9. Yes, but good vs evil is a human concept that nature operates outside of. Godzilla is the pinnacle of the global ecosystem and the end result of natural selection on earth. Ergo, he is native to earth, and by nature seems to treat the whole planet as his territory.

  10. Yes i know good and evil is humanmade, thats why i said " from human perspective".

  11. Yes, between Miki Saegusa doing the opening narration, the 25 years reference, the Heisei Godzilla roars, the skin color, the eye color, the images of Godzilla in the smoke, and the use of Requiem as the music when this Godzilla is using his (very Burning Godzilla-like) power up, it's extremely heavily implied that this is Godzilla Junior here.

  12. Earth still tops Junior, but Junior is still top tier

  13. The guards should carry an SS1 rifle instead of an M16, other than that very accurate

  14. Waktu 2014 masih banyak yang pake M16, sekarang tetep masih banyak sih harusnya.

  15. Forget the boobas man, itu ketecc yg pertama gw liat 💀💀

  16. Ketek cuma indah di gambar doang. Kalo aslinya mah antara bau ketek doang atau bau ketek + rexona. Dijilat kaya adegan hentai rasanya ya asin wkwk

  17. Yeah the finale didn’t really live up to its hype. Also no Strong or Miracle forms tho…

  18. Mother wrecking both GTE and Dynamic in episode 24,looks stronger than both Megalothor and Destrudos and then become a jobber worse than them in episode 25 haha.

  19. Mother also had the least screentime of final boss in recent years too. I mean, this episode tried hard to copy Z’s finale style but it failed. Also Kirino Ichika never got to react to Kanata being Decker. Yeah there was her speech and stuff, but not a reaction like other GUTS select members.

  20. Decker has great start, good chemistry for the main trio, the sphere plot storyline is building great and then agams plot come and decker starts to decline. Decker series tried to make good drama in the second half and it failed hard. Even Haruki and Bako san has better chemistry than Kanata and Ichika haha. IMO Kanata and Hanejiro are the only one who progress as character

  21. The new generations are borrowing a small portion of powers.

  22. Taro has better durability and endurance than Ginga Victory - Taiga Tri Strium (Feats from Grimdo fight )

  23. I know that vs/battle discussions aren't really allowed here now, but this short comic strip really do got me wondering, would Glitter Tiga actually be able to beat Grimdo like this?

  24. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. Kalau ngeliat tertangga cukup wajar sepanjang itu sepertinya. Etnic Indonesia nggak jauh beda juga. Kalau dicarry Papua/Indonesia timur kita bisa tembus 5" iyakan

  26. kalo indonesia timur masuk bener sih bakal tembus 5 freedom units keatas

  27. Gua pernah ukur 18 cm, kata mantan2 gua above average indo. Tapi kalo dibandingin sama bule jauhnya bukan main.

  28. 18cm udah gede banget. gw aja yang 14-15cm ( tergantung berat badan ) udah sering dianggap gede.

  29. But to be fair Greeza in episode 15 feels more threatning than Destrudos haha.

  30. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from. I’m thinking that this is possibly confirmation that decker is actually new gen zeluganoid. Either a rogue sphere that using dyna as a base to make an artificial ultraman or a man made ultraman based on dyna using spheres in the future timeline.

  31. watch the scene where ultra d flasher destroyed. it reveals the inside of it and it shows sphere. its on 26:59-27:00 minute mark in the official video.

  32. Especially DC, killing villains and terrorists is a no but beat each other in Justice League is OK

  33. DC as a whole is mess too. In Injustice, Superman killing Joker because he nukes Metropolis and making Superman kills Louis is a "crime" in the eyes of Batman, but Batman has no problem beat the shit out Superman later on in the same story haha.

  34. cerita dong soal kerja di Jepang. gw sih masih liat dengan mata berbinar binar dengan konsep kerja di Jepang. Kasih gw pil pahit realita

  35. jadi kacung. Senioritas lebih parah dibanding indo dan kalo lu bukan orang lokal bakal dirasisin terus terusan.

  36. Ga pernah nyoba pacaran dari SMA, jadinya skrg gua nampaknya bakal nyusul om Yukkuri jadi Magus or malah Grand Magus.

  37. kaya gw juga sih ini, masa sekolah ga pernah pacaran. pernah sih nembak cewek cuma ya ditolak terus karena gw goblok ga ada pengalaman ama lawan jenis.

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