Let's sip to good health and good company

  1. Super dope artist with great music. An awful lot of haters in here.

  2. Somebody use the vid stabilizer bot, idk how

  3. "Worst countries for drinking during pregnancy". Wait, what?!

  4. That should say "best countries for drinking during pregnancy"

  5. Creatine and pink Himalayan salt. Also just “built different” bro.

  6. I guess I am just built different lmao, thanks for the support everyone. I'll keep making these natty gains while y'all stay hating lmao

  7. Only one team has played against a team including Haaland and not conceded a goal to him while putting his team out of European competition.

  8. That's actually extremely impressive, is my memory correct in thinking he didn't feature in either leg of the fixture though?

  9. Him being too scared to face us doesn't change the facts.

  10. Keeping people from their medicine while simultaneously promoting drinking all over the country is the Irish way

  11. About 12 years ago when my oul pair caught wind of me smoking weed my father went scitzo.. made me call up the National Addiction Helpline, which he had called the day previous to set up a phone call with me and this woman.

  12. Lil Wayne. This is coming from a hip hop aficionado. Elementary bars and an extremely annoying voice.

  13. Real G's move in silence like lasagna is one of the worst bars ever spat and I'll die on this hill lol

  14. New to doing my research visiting Barcelona…. Should I just avoid las ramblas entirely? It seems either expensive, over touristy, or I’m def going to get pickpocketed?

  15. Worth walking down it from Placa Catalunya to the Columbus statue. I walk it every single day and have never had an issue. I wouldn't ever buy anything on that stretch though

  16. DM me the seller plz - and any good ones you know for sellick tops

  17. Honestly I've never intentionally bought off the same seller twice, and sometimes I've bought off sellers that only had 1 or 2 sales before me.

  18. Cheers! Have looked before but have heard there’s certainly sellers you should avoid. Heard about someone receiving a surgical mask instead of a top, so good to hear the refund process works!

  19. I've never had anything like that myself!

  20. Which are the ones that take over country towns and have organised begging syndicates?

  21. I remember those days well. Hadn't gone to Apache for a few years, went in after a feed of pints to see the pizza was €11.99.

  22. Totally agree. It was the weirdest game I’ve played in awhile, where at first I was thinking it was a possible GOTY. Then, actually digging into the game, you saw them just repeat everything a ton of times over, with very little benefit outside of getting some mindless trophies. The amount of repeated dialogue is insane.

  23. Yeah I had the same experience. I thought it was a 9/10 game for the first 5 hours or so. By 40 hours in, my personal rating was closer to 6.5/10. Weird game.

  24. Anytime someone say they’re natty completely unprompted I assume they’re using gear.

  25. I only put it in the title because when I posted it on Brogress I got scores of people claiming I looked like I was juicing

  26. I took the biggest, fattest W possible with this post, let's be real. Hundreds of people calling a natural lifter an obvious juice-head. What a fucking result lol

  27. 100% it does. I left this country for years to a warmer climate and my depression near vanished. Back because of covid and it's returned. Looking to leave again soon.

  28. Similar boat. There is a grey filter on everything in this country. Can't get back to the sunny weather soon enough.

  29. One of them went for a 360 noscope, he couldn't possibly have been tryharding any less

  30. He probably did break a rib or two . Wonder if the OP knows how he's getting on

  31. Doubt this OP knows, this was doing the rounds on bigger subs here yesterday, not sure why OP re-uploaded it here

  32. Or you could supply me with the information to read…

  33. Citing an American-based organization isn't helping your case, an organization which was founded by Arleigh Albert Burke, an admiral in the US navy, aka an instrument of war.

  34. Yet quoting the evil Museveni is ok, whatever

  35. Throw them in your morning shake and get them down the hatch.

  36. Can you explain how it's mirrored his career trajectory?

  37. I was home for Christmas and we went through 18 litres from Christmas Eve to the evening of Stephen's day.

  38. I tried to use my real last name, but couldn’t. Took me a while to understand why… It’s because it contains the word “arse” in the middle.

  39. Got "Hell" in mine, couldn't use it for the same reason

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