1. If anything Gin and Hisagi might be closer in age with Rangiku. Just because Gin and Byakuya were in the same class dont mean they was the same age cause Gin started young

  2. Honestly, this looks like an adult version compared to the actual anime. It's built is so much more... Broad than the original, and the fact that he looks so much more sentient makes him seem like a whole different character.

  3. Sorry, One Piece reference. Pure fiction. When he was about to drown cause his foot was caught, he pretty much wrapped an anchor around his leg while it was being quickly drawn up. Leg goes rrrriiip!

  4. And I have an inexplicable, almost carnal need for... Grapes?

  5. Mr. Hats and Clogs because I love smart laid-back people.

  6. FYI, any mistakes anyone points out, I know. I'm just too much of a failure to fix them.

  7. Dude, it’s not even bad💀. If you gave yourself another 2 hours or so this would be so sick.

  8. *My cartoonish, personified brain cracking it's nervous system knuckles: "You picked the wrong house, fool."

  9. I’m sorry to say this but I’ve never watched technoblade before

  10. It's cool, but if you ever get to watching his Hunger Games video (Not Minecraft), it's the funniest shit. With a cast including but not limited to...

  11. You dumbasses! After Beat a Furry Day, is Hug a Furry Day!, In which everyone who partook in Beat a Furry Day has to hug a Furry! Please, listen!

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