1. This is true generally speaking, but one of the reasons the PRC has survived so long is because it’s really good at mitigating that problem. The petitioning system, for example, allows them to diagnose sources of local dissent and punish the appropriate officials while leaving the central government unscathed. Nothing lasts forever of course, but they’ve lasted a while.

  2. I've been here for six years and it's the quietest street I've EVER lived on. There's a new boarding school in the neighborhood, but so far they've been great and it's contributing to a nice vibe. Armen's market at New York/Allen is awesome--make sure you stop in.

  3. According to my neighbor who's lived at the same house for like 60 years, no way. It sounds like it used to be a very racist, pompous place.

  4. Pasadena was a ‘sundown town’ until around WW2 (Minorities seen out and about after dark were killed).

  5. Another boneheaded progressive policy which could completely ruin the real estate market here. We’re ahead of state housing construction quotas as is, and we’ve only been building thousands more over the past 5 years, why do we need to create a riskier environment for developers?

  6. Never use logic with Progressives. It's like smashing your head on the wall...

  7. While I love that song (by Randy Newman), it's not a love song to LA. He's mocking the city.

  8. This is true. A fun fact about We are the Champions is that it was the theme song for the 1994 World Cup, in which some of the biggest matches took place in LA.

  9. Between this and wanting to win games, he is the perfect manager!

  10. In that fact, ten Hag is one of the managers of all time.

  11. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just go to an open mic first, that sub has 0 utility.

  12. It’s because you’re on Deuxmoi and the LA subreddit, that profile picture is distinctive

  13. Using these character is insane but I also don’t think it’s a terrible point. Most working class people believe in the same things the right just makes them think they don’t

  14. That’s not necessarily the reassurance you meant it to be…a lot of those working class people are really pro-life, conservative, anti-intellectual. The Democratic working class are just the ones who recognize their own economic interests.

  15. I went to the hotel and almost met Raul getting off the bus but he went to talk to some other fans! I really hope he’s ok

  16. The general idea is correct, but the scientific terms are actually “positive/negative orgones.”

  17. I'm 36yo and have never seen a gun like that in the picture. Just a hand gun, holstered, with all kinds of safety buttons and such. Police on horses with batons, yes. Rifles, never.

  18. ????? I’ve been to Schipol dozens of times and each time your soldiers are walking around with SMGs. Believe it or not that’s actually not that common in the American airports I’ve been to and I travel quite a bit.

  19. Chomsky's is sort of the Godfather of the "America Bad" movement. It's not as though America is good, it does a lot of bad things, but the issues is that he determines that America is always bad ahead of time, making it impossible to actually analyze a situation.

  20. It’s true that most of the objectors were far-right, but at least early on after the invasion, some of the House progressives were really wishy washy about it. I don’t mean to equate them, but that rubbed me the wrong way.

  21. Why not postpone it a little and have an unofficial 50th celebration next August? Surely the championship tickets will be a lot cheaper

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