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  1. Top flight teams never lose these anyway, I hate the system.

  2. Lol... Hamburg just missed a potential equalizer, so let's take another look at Guirassy's big miss, yup and let's take a look at Guirassy's other big miss, yep both still pretty bad

  3. Not credible enough, we need more before we could put this juicy rumor to rest.

  4. Well it's a source that's misreported this news once already, why should we trust it this time?

  5. With all due respect, had she voted for Ken, we’d all be here talking how brilliant the ending was and how the siblings healed from their father’s failures…

  6. To be fair he pretty succinctly explained why he was clearly the best choice of the three when they were deciding the night before. He only resorted to begging when Shiv had basically already decided no.

  7. I assumed with all the Tom as CEO sentiment here that it made the most sense this was her likely choice. She always kept her options open and backs the best thing for her.

  8. Remember that Kendall was needling her at his birthday with those fake headlines, the worst insult was referring to Shiv only as "Wife of Tom Wambsgans." And what is she now? Wife of Tom Wambsgans. That's literally the only source of her power now, being married to the CEO. Congratulations to Mrs. Tom Wambsgans, she sure landed a good catch.

  9. I'm pretty sure her money makes her more powerful than Tom. Y'all know CEO is just a job right? One false move, and he can just get fired.

  10. Her best interests? To become her fucking mother? Some ignored wife of a powerful ceo for the rest of life, inside of a shattered marriage with the man who betrayed her majorly at every chance it was useful? She just couldnt fucking stomach the fact it was her brother and not her, so she blows the whole thing up. She walks away from Kendall calling him a child, its insanely ironic.

  11. And what does she get watching Kendall become CEO? How is that an improvement on her life? What value does she get watching Kendall tank the company she partly owns so that she can eventually sell her shares for much less money than if they'd sold to GoJo? This is not a story about Shiv betraying Kendall because she doesn't owe Kendall shit. This is a story of Kendall fucking fumbling the ball, like always. When she wavered, what was his play to get her back on board? You have to do this for me, I deserve this. Not a single offer to benefit her in any way. If it was just family loyalty, then very obviously she should stay loyal to her husband and father of her child.

  12. Kendall literally proved that he would be a terrible CEO right after she accused of him being a terrible CEO

  13. So you’re telling me, if I’m understanding this right, that I have a lump that makes me feel like I’m getting kicked in the crotch on an almost constant basis because there’s glitter in my blood? This life is a goddamn joke

  14. And yet, despite all those fancy titles, he'll forever be known as the racist puppet guy that dropped N bombs and hit on little girls.

  15. No, he won't. He'll be known as the guy who made ALF. None of the rest of the stuff will be known to most people because most people don't care about the dark seedy background of the guy who made ALF.

  16. Nick Pope scrolling through Instagram on his phone right now

  17. A novel strategy: Do everything so wrong that the offense is too surprised to take advantage

  18. NBC Sports used to have a really good streaming platform and now they replaced it with one that's shit, doesn't show any stats and breaks all the fucking time

  19. Or appreciate the ones who do good off the field or court. They do exist. My favorite players have nothing to do with on the field.

  20. I mean, Jim Brown literally did accomplish great and laudable things on and off the court. His obituary says "Football Hero, Civil Rights Activist." He was just portrayed in a movie ("One Night in Miami," from 2020) about his civil rights activism. So I don't know what this is supposed to be telling us to appreciate here.

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