1. I'd like to add to this there are certain spots that a few maps have that everyone knows about, the cheesy snipe from complete safety spots that abuse map design, if you sit in one of these and catch a roof full of bombs you have no room to complain.

  2. Literally crushing an entire metropolis.

  3. I am honestly still expecting a video to pop up here any day now of someone killing a bulk with the foamer and getting dreads with the bulk explosion.

  4. I wonder if they will sell this one to russia as well.

  5. I have it but I never understood the part about people saying it gives you level 2 traders

  6. I don't need to aim, what I need is more ammo and more gun.

  7. Like most things the weather was poorly implemented.

  8. Escape from reserve, 12 players spawn in with orders to just survive the scav horde until the train arrives and escape. Shooting other PMCs is discouraged and every scav boss can spawn from every map including the cultists and rouges. Everyone is marked and there is no loot anywhere on the map but surviving to extract nets a triple experience bonus for all earned experience.

  9. The Survival-game-junky: If it isn't nailed down it goes in the bag and then I come back with the crowbar for the rest.

  10. You don't have a gyro on that do you.

  11. Correct. The reason gold is so valuable is because of its rarity.

  12. Little over 3 swimming pools but point made.

  13. This is part of the AI overhaul update.

  14. We have not been shown anything but a new block for the player to program their own ships, we have seen nothing about NPC ships being smarter or anything else that was promised. We have gotten one promise after another and been handed a half baked idea that is then celebrated instead of thrown back in their face.

  15. We've had multiple new blocks teased at the past couple of months. Dunno where you've been.

  16. "Blocks" not the overhaul we were promised or anything else. new blocks for the players. We were promised an AI overhaul for npc ships which is supposed to make the world feel more alive and so far I have seen jack diddly squat to that effect.

  17. Valk was never an issue for me, this one is just all over the place and the voice actor has a perfectly fine speaking voice which just makes it baffling.

  18. Bruv I'm not a huge fan of her lines either, I find her really freaking annoying. But you can call someone annoying or bad without being bigoted about it.

  19. You are the one claiming bigotry, no one else sees anything wrong just you so it is you that is projecting.

  20. That's about 1 million kilograms and 50 thousand kilograms, respectively.

  21. She sounds like the minecraft villager

  22. minecraft has better voice acting than catalyst.

  23. I just ask you revive my dumbass when I try and show off and die from it.

  24. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a Bet-c . . . I think it might have been back before the season 1.

  25. more scavs but tune the snappy aimbot back down. Basically triple the number of scavs on the map but make the threat their numbers not their psychic powers.

  26. First time is a fluke. Second time is coincidence. Third though? Third is a fuckin pattern.

  27. First time is happenstance, second time is coincidence, a third time is enemy action.

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