To control how men sit

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  1. Kind of annoying, more humorous - Pop/rap- any artist that starts their songs or their parts of songs by saying their name. I’m looking at you misters Khaled, DeRulo, and Worldwide.

  2. Or those pop/rap songs where the singer lists a bunch of cities...and one country or continent, making you unsure if they know the difference. "London! Paris! New York! Africa!"

  3. frn says:

    I consider myself a fairly liberal person. I believe in progressive reproductive rights, equal pay, breaking the glass cieling etc.

  4. If you are rubbing your legs on your neighbors' legs, or pushing them so they have to sit sideways, they might get annoyed. It's not because women are harpies, it's just gross to have a random stranger's hairy, sweaty legs rubbing on yours for an extended bus or train ride.

  5. Hopefully, most people understand packed transit and the bumps and discomfort that come with it. I think that a lot of guys don't notice that there is a weird subset of men who stretch over their female neighbors' legs in even semi-empty transit, covering 50% or more of their neighbors' seats. Imagine a guy sitting next to you (when there are plenty of empty seats) and putting his knee directly on yours. I don't ride the bus much anymore, but it seems to be less common than it was in the 90s and early 2000s. I mean, I get that you want to air your balls, but where are my legs supposed to go?

  6. Honestly even the idea of it makes me want to cringe into the sun. So many people awkwardly not knowing what to do with their hands, at a time and event where it's extremely vital to know what to do with your hands.

  7. I imagine they would all just be wringing her boobs like bar towels the whole time.

  8. People went from making a justification for it in rare instances to using it as a primary method of contraception. The only thing is pro choice states will keep their pro choice laws.

  9. Zero people use expensive, inconvenient surgery as a primary method of birth control. Zero.

  10. I knew someone that had multiple abortions and have other stories of people who had abortions simply because they didn't want a child.

  11. Well now you've won a small victory in the fight to force those "terrible," and "irresponsible" (to quote other posters here) women to have babies that they don't want, can't afford, and can't care for. Congratulations?

  12. I don't know about that...a quick internet search of "domestic violence rates" and "highest female homicide rates" seems to indicate that women in many other countries have it worse.

  13. Im Not saying that America is the worst. But a Story Like this can only Happen There

  14. I'm still not entirely sure that is true. There are women in desperate situations all over the world. We may have slightly more access to guns, but crazy people don't need guns to terrorize their exes.

  15. My block list has gotten 3 miles long at this point. It's ridiculous how many people are determined to treat game chat like 4chan.

  16. I love this game and take it fairly seriously, even making it to Master tank and heal...and I completely stopped using voice chat after about a year. It's simply not worth putting up with abuse and hate speech for a game.

  17. Sorry, I figured that there was some sort of file distribution system within Patreon. I've never used it before (aside from just giving people money) so that seemed logical.

  18. This is a question you should be asking each creator, since everyone takes a different approach to distributing files.

  19. Thanks for the reply! It's a relief to know that there isn't some sort of central "drop-box" like file manager that everyone else knows about, but I'm baffled as to why it's so hard to find this information for multiple creators.


  21. I read that as her mocking the couples where the woman is 0% into it, and is just doing things as a "gift" to her guy so he won't leave her. Barf.

  22. At the same time no porn star would ever admit to doing this publicly. Better for their reputation to deny and shame the guy in front of their social media audience. (Not saying this definitely happened, but once the post drawing her attention to the forum thread was made I see no other possible response from her.)

  23. Wait, why won't a porn star admit to paying someone to make content?

  24. There is more to life than repeating this same unfunny joke. I promise you. You don’t have to live like this.

  25. I think you are on the wrong site if you don't like unfunny jokes repeated ad nauseum. That's 90% of Reddit. :)

  26. I though this was hilarious. I am surprised that so many people are bothered by it, as it is so obviously silly.

  27. Ladies of Reddit: can you also just hold things between your thighs with no problem? A lot of guys have been surprised by my ability to wear these (I was a stripper for a long time and c-strings were popular) and I don't know many ladies who have tried. Like, if you just put some fabric or a paper towel between your legs, can you also just walk around normally, or am I magic?

  28. Newsflash: Hookers have friends as they are human beings.

  29. Wait, then why would women masturbate so frequently? - An honest question from a lady who masturbates at least few times a day, every day, because it's pleasant

  30. Anyone, single, solo, married, relationship anarchist, van screw up. Watch out for those with clearly too much hierarchy and those who claim to have none the most. There will always be some, but uf they are doing things right you will never see it or hear about it.

  31. I assumed that "van screw up" was an entry in your realtionship-type list and was like "yeah, I've had a few of those kind of relationships before."

  32. Stop trying to annoy her into wearing lingerie that doesnt fit her. Also, are you pestering her for sex because you want it more often and feel as if you are owed it, or are you initiating sex because you find her irresistibly sexy? Hint: one option will be much better received.

  33. I never realized how close "nothing now" and "toe sucker" are in hanky code. That must make for some funny misunderstandings.

  34. But are you certified? I was to see papers from the governing body!

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