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  1. Yeah, the US actually has multiple successful directed energy weapons programs including on planes. They just haven't been particularly good.

  2. Lol what a Laff that whole program was

  3. If we surge commercial airliners at the DMZ in the first 30 seconds of a nuclear war and time it right and there aren’t clouds or fog or pidgeons we have a good 20% chance of scorching the paint during boost phase.

  4. "Lenin was sent into Russia by the Germans in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy."

  5. People love to blame Lenin but Kerensky wasn’t keeping shit in line no matter what. 105 years of SR rule wouldn’t have led to Russian utopia either.

  6. Chamberlain was desperate to prevent a second lost generation. Musk is desperate to keep down the APR on auto loans. They are not the same.

  7. I mean as much fun as it is to fire the 57mm at semisubmersibles off Ecuador you might be over exaggerating a tad.

  8. Pretty sure the new cutters are designed with room and power to install some VLS pods if shit got real.

  9. They bid that upgunned (or missiled) configuration for Constellation. It came up way short due to the ships not having the same resiliency to battle damage as ground up Navy builds.

  10. the sub is fucked now that the moment people start doing 'legit question, not a meme' posts is apparently here

  11. Abrams is too hard for the logistics. It's a jet on tracks and slurps more fuel than an airplane.

  12. What is it with retards and thinking poseiden will cause a fuck tsunami

  13. The specific heat of water is well known western propaganda. As is hydrodynamics.

  14. Well tbf. I'm sure most of us thought this 6 months ago. Ruski propaganda sure got the better of my expectations, ngl.

  15. “You keep the Poles from getting lost in the Urals.” Might be a suitable update.

  16. retarded idiots with no identity, russia does not belong to europe, never will 😉

  17. Yeah no proper European country would give sovereign backing to turning a bumper wheat crop into ethanol to be sold to the lower classes to keep them docile while filling the Royal coffers.

  18. The new 130mm future gun system (tm) does too. That's why it is called system.

  19. “Sir… the French bullpup is quite nice and well the M-16 seems to have been sorted out. Are you sure we should issue…. this?”

  20. Noble of the black widow cosplayers to keep the SS wundertroops preoccupied with their right flank.

  21. One clearly isn’t a pit and the black one doesn’t look like one but the video isn’t clear.

  22. There are a great many discrepancies between English dialects, but that one absolutely kills me. It's not some kind of "I can't believe they call it something different!!!1!" thing, though. I just can't really say that word. It sounds like you're trying to summon a cat. I mean, it only has one vowel, but it's clearly two syllables. Shit's weird.

  23. Ah well we almost never say it in ‘Merican. The only time you see it is if the product can’t legally be called a potato chip. Which I believe is the case with pringles.

  24. Nuclear war through lack of emotional investment.

  25. Hey man our betters put down their Tom Clancy novels and and waifu pillows and stopped screaming at each other to acknowledge our existence. Take it while you can.

  26. Wait till they see the way Russians aren’t sorting casings into separate bins based on metal content.

  27. I call dibs on my great grand parents farm. I hear it was quite nice before the artillery started.

  28. Bought a house 9 months ago. Using a Mortgage Calculator plugging in todays rate of around 6.5% my monthly mortgage payment would be $700 more a month. Im honestly shocked prices are not collapsing yet. But they will, soon.

  29. Residential real estate prices are sticky. People never want to take a loss and will just sit on their investment rather than sell at one. Until a bank or sheriff forces them to.

  30. Just criticizing what she's wearing unfairly. As one comment, it's whatever, but there's always a million comments trying to frame her as classless when she's being normal.

  31. They did the exact same thing to Diana. Not saying there isn’t bigotry rolled into it. But I think parts of the British public just like a celebrity bone to gnaw on and she’s it. Fergie had her time as well. Though I guess she was too boring for it to stick.

  32. Out of 179,000,000 travelers who could be searched in a given year 37,000 apparently have electronic searches done. Of while one third has the data retained. Or 0.0055 of the traveling public.

  33. Even a single person being searched is more enough for me to consider them the same. Once we start talking numbers then it becomes a game of who was worse and simply a way to deflect what someone has done.

  34. Well that’s absurdly reductive but you’re free to your misguided opinion. The state exists for a reason. One of which is protection of the populace. It’s reasonable to give them the tools they need to record relevant information when needed.

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