1. I did antibiotics but they were horrific. I wasn’t ready for them, nothing bad about the drugs themselves. I now use only herbs but may have to go back to abx later. I used beyond balance protocol now.

  2. so sorry i forgot to answer this. i reacted to them which caused damage in by my brain and i acquired a treatment resistant movement disorder that caused practically every neuro symptom known to man--for a year.

  3. Houttyunia and Japanese Knotweed. Very important, these two are.

  4. I used it for a bit. I think it helped. Now I am doing cholestyerum since it is more powerful. Mycopul was a more gentle building block for me.

  5. It is definitely a huge thing to accept. Let me know how I can help you. Sending love.

  6. PEA / SPM Supreme / Curaphen / Creatine / High Dose DHA / Essential Oils topically / SOD

  7. Yes well we’re eating for two, or many many thousands. What’s freaky is I feel better when I eat red meat and proteins. Like vampires are real yo

  8. Completely agree on the red meat and protein. I cut out chicken and only eat red meat and then lots of other protein and fat sources.

  9. Sorry you’re dealing with this, too. How long have you had it? I am going on 8 years now.

  10. Lots of neuropsych stuff: hallucinations/almost seizures/intrusive thoughts/ dp&dr/ insomnia/ so much more.

  11. No, and I just got a parasite test done a month ago and didn’t have worms. But I started ivermectin a month ago for the brain fog. Not sure if that’s what causing the rash.

  12. It sounds like you’re well on track. I was diagnosed March 2021. First did 6 months doxycycline plus biofilm busting herbs and binders. Stopped because of severe seveeeeere GI issues. Had a candida overgrowth due to antibiotics, did a 2 month fungal treatment. Later diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome (like from the antibiotics…) now on Cromolyn for that. Then I did a 9 month Buhner protocol before discontinuing for severe side effects. I was simultaneously doing CIRS protocol (stuck in phase 2…. Should have been 2 months but it’s been 5 so far). Treated babesia with 10 day anti malarials and more antibiotics. So many other things I can’t remember. We’ve been super aggressive with treatment, driving us further and further into debt.

  13. Reddit isn’t letting me post a link, but look up “ACZ nano zeolite extra strength spray”. I bought the 4 oz size.

  14. LLMD, you probably have bartonella as a co infection. That’s usually what causes the neuro symptoms, I have bartonella and babesia with Lyme, All of my symptoms are neurological

  15. Hey. I have lots of experience, maybe not advice, but I would love to help. I don’t know if you want to message me specific questions. But supplements, exercise, manual therapy, sleep hygiene , and more help me the most.

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