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  1. Why? Becuase for some reason UN Women focusing on the women journalists on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists is deranged?

  2. Of course! UN Women should consider the men, too! Why did I not think of that?!

  3. Have you ever been to Italy? Probably not and if you‘ve been there you‘ve probably been to some super spaniardized place like Alghero. Even there it would be hard to find anyone cutting pizza with scissors. The only place I could imagine practicing these degenerate ways would be some hipster, Dutch-Italian hell hole of a restaurant.

  4. Watch some kickboxing. They constantly shell up and defend with their gloves, which you can't really do in MMA. Being able to stay in the clinch also makes it pretty different.

  5. I dont think khamzats striking is that good. It looks good in training videos and short fights where he gets a quick ko. But against gilbert, khamzat’s striking looked mediocre. He kept throwing the same uppercut without hiding it in the gilbert fight. Khamzat’s coach told him straight up that those uppercuts were terrible after the fight.

  6. You know how incels give advice to other men basically treating women as sex objects, and how you need to be alpha to get chicks. And refer to women in disrespectful & derogatory terms.

  7. What’s wrong with that? Probably your parents do it as much as anyone and you let them get away with it. Why? Just because you’re their crotch goblin, and not other people’s?

  8. Well lucky you, this isn’t Grindr and my household has nothing to do with this and is none of your business.

  9. Tell me you've never made a woman squirt without telling me you've never made a woman squirt.

  10. Sean won R3 convincingly and Yans cut was absolutely nasty. If it had been any worse it could have ended the fight.

  11. Yes I agree, however grappling is such a center piece/staple in MMA so to completely negate it isn’t right. It’s a hard balance to find for sure. Everyone’s internal bias and emotions towards fights sways their opinions you know?

  12. Same as they count strikes and sig strikes they should differentiate between grappling/control and effective grappling/control way harsher.

  13. This is bulkshit, because in sandhagan fight tj was controlling. Yan did land hard shots and also controlled and had gnp several times. It was fking robbery

  14. Starched? Do you know what starched means? Lol he got the fight stopped bc the ref waved it off. Moutinho never even went down to the canvas. Fucking dumbass 😂 I’ll bet you have a perm and a dangly earring and wear your suga jersey to fights 🤡

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