1. Nothing says you love america like suggesting to deploy troops so trump can order the government to kill innocent civilians!

  2. IMO things would be much better for Alberta with a Pierre government. What policies do you think he would implement that would make things "very bad" in Alberta?

  3. Personally I also don’t think having two governments that serve industry and billionaires benefits the working class either.

  4. I feel like they don't understand Christianity if they think Christmas is more important than Easter.

  5. I feel anyone that calls themselves a Christian and spreads hate and votes for consevatives parties that hurt the poor don't understand the values of Christianity

  6. As much as I disliked Harper - at least he kept the Wackadoos in check.

  7. So when the cpc talk about being tough on China it's simply a talking point? Like how po talks pretends to be ethical and than isbon with corruption when consevatives do it?

  8. Lol I see you simply want to blame trudeau for consevative actions. Sad

  9. Similar numbers in PEI it seems and I understand that even less. Over 4 years, so many delays and things getting worse with housing, health, etc. People claim to hate all the growth and yet the government has been encouraging it without any plans in place to deal with and account for it.

  10. Consevatives can scream trudeau and get none of the blame. Eventually they won't be able to do that and my guess is the numbers will change

  11. Fuck me, LPC are so corrupt it’s ridiculous, all the conservatives need to do is not be idiots and they can’t even do that.

  12. Consevatives are corrupt. PP endorsed corruption when he endorsed Smith and Ford so I don't think he cares when consevatives are corrupt

  13. What does a private member's bill about a Christian Heritage Month have to do with corruption?

  14. When only anti-conservative fake-news is allowed on the main sub of our country, yep. Babylon Bee posts are taken down immediately. Bias is clear.

  15. Bro responded in under one minute. Please exit your bedroom, the sun is out.

  16. Not at all. If you value human rights and freedom you will condem hate against trans people. If not than you aren't against hate.

  17. I’ve seen this posted like 10 times and it is stupid. People with talent providing interesting art or media will be able to continue doing it. The tax payers don’t need to be funding a crappy product that nobody watches. If people watch it, there will be advertising and a continued path to success.

  18. It's sad you celebrate the working class losing their jobs. Do you also celebrate when the private sector employees lose their job? You should try standing the working class.

  19. I am not celebrating anything, people with talent will continue to be able to work in their respective field. Subsidizing garbage that nobody watches is not a successful long term strategy.

  20. No you are celebrating the working class falling more and more behind

  21. So I’m not able to read the statement but is it safe to assume that this statement has as much actual content as the headline implies? As in they picked a number and have no plan to actually achieve it?

  22. You mean the goals the USA and eu have set for 2030? Those same goals?

  23. Who could have predicted the UCP would destroy healthcare in this province.....

  24. "A single cow produces between 154 to 264 pounds of methane gas per year". So let's look a the bigger picture here. Justin Trudeau is bringing in thousands of TFWs and international students. His plan is to give them garbage bags and have them follow the cows around and collect methane gas. Genius!

  25. Yes we should all go plant based. Its good for everyones health, budget and the environment Good to see we agree!!!

  26. Well last I checked, this is a petition to hold a confidence vote in the House, not to skip the confidence vote and just hold an election immediately. Frankly, since the NDP won't vote against the government, I don't see why they can't entertain this petition. "There, we had the confidence vote the petition asked for. We won. Hope you're satisfied."

  27. 2008 was called by Harper after repeated confidence votes by the NDP and Bloc, indicating that the NDP certainly wanted an election, but not 2011:

  28. They already know this and don't care. The USA government could get a ceasefire right away if they wanted one

  29. They should be willing to take everyone's garbage in their yard since they want everyone's CO2 in our yards.

  30. Brian Jean send last week Alberta can take all the world's pollution!!

  31. Do the un and all the scientists disagree with my statement?

  32. The un and scientists believe methane emmisons need to be eliminated to have a livabale climate. You don't believe that

  33. Lol we truely do have the dumbest government, thanks rural Alberta.

  34. If religion has the right to interfere with government, then the government has the right to interfere with religion. It can't be one sided.

  35. That’s what I don’t get too. At what point does anyone think these people would ever start feeling like Israel is a good guy or liberator after watching their family, friends and homes annihilated by them? The “human shields” propaganda is insane.

  36. Even Lloyd Austin understands what will happen with the killing of tens thousands of innocent people.

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