1. In an era where people are struggling with inflation and paying bills...this news can't sit well with people. Read the goddamn room NDP, this will not go over well with many voters.

  2. Wait till you hear the UCP policy to allow hate speech on universities and colleges.

  3. How about the 2 million dollars the UCP are wasting to a fake covid report, trying to privatize healthcare, fake auto insurance caps, and electricity bills. Seems like the UCP are hurting a lot of people.

  4. So they allowing smoking and again but someone wearing a cap because they are going through cancer treatment is too much...

  5. I wonder its own staffers are still the biggest donors?

  6. The Ndp passed in a bill 2015 that stops corporations from donating to political parties. Before that it was allowed under consevative governments.

  7. Ndp can only do so much in one term. Why didn the UCP commit to it when they first took power?

  8. gonna be weird for these dudes when Trudeau finally steps down and they have to find something else to build their personalities around

  9. I wonder what they will do with all the flags and merchandise they bought.

  10. Not really Anyways Ucp are corrupt and Smith interfered in justice. Facts!

  11. Lol you and your lies Notley kills kittens see I can spread crap too. You should try saying factual things before saying facts.

  12. Simply schedule someone to talk about systemic racism or CRT and watch the UCP's heads explode. Free speech! Not like that!

  13. Ucp are gross to force universities and colleges to host these people.

  14. The ucp has publicly stated they are not ok with that. I’m starting to understand why you make these statements that are obvious lies. You don’t think critically and believe blind statements.

  15. Nicolaides added that his comments should not be construed as agreement with any past comments made by Widdowson.

  16. If you think stomping your feet, plugging your ears, shutting your eyes and screaming at the top of your lungs is the path to enlightenment, then you are lost.

  17. If the event goes ahead people need to get loud to stop the anyone from hearing from the bigots

  18. "It should be for students, not university administrators, to make the final decision about whether to listen to a speech or not."

  19. Ucp wants to force universities to host bigots, and students not to attend.

  20. If you don't like it then don't attend. It's no different than the drag events at libraries.

  21. No on3 is forced to listen. No one is forcing anyone to attend the debate.

  22. Will the UCP allow Holocaust denial speaker on campus since it's free speech and Holocaust denial isn't a crime in Canada. Personally I don't think people like that should be given platforms to spread hate.

  23. You often repost the same politically charged stories into other subs.

  24. Msm can control the narrative. Owning the media is about power, it's the reason that Bezos about wp.

  25. Yes all research shows that locking people up for drugs doesn't accomplish anything.

  26. Gun control works, most countries around the world never experience the number of mass shootings as America.

  27. So right now, they're nearly at 50% over three years. On jobs that, mind you, are already paying quite a bit above the median wage, without counting some really generous benefits. At what point would you call them unreasonable? 200%? 300% 400%? Or is it cool as long as it's a union, because union good, employer bad?

  28. Tell me what the median wage is? So you want to drag everyone down so no one can afford anything?

  29. No. I just don't want to give some already privileged a raise out of my paycheck. You want to know how much I got? I got 25 cents an hour and was told to love it and shut up. That's the real private sector. The PSAC is just slapping Canadians in the face with this. What world do you live in?

  30. you should be fighting to raise wages for everyone instead of cheering for a race to the bottom while the rich get richer.

  31. Not when the left has done nothing but destroy the middle class for the last 8 years

  32. When as the right helped the middle class? Tax cuts of the rich don't help the middle class.

  33. Remember that time before this government, under the conservatives, when we could afford to live? Lol

  34. What will pp do that will help the working class? Cutting taxes for the rich won't do anything

  35. Stop this false narrative of anyone hating homeless.

  36. Thanks for sharing. 7 million Canadians have got the bivalent vaccine up to Jan 1st.

  37. As the CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue to investigate whether there is an association between ischemic stroke and the Pfizer bivalent vaccine for older adults, U.S. health officials on Thursday said that the signal is weaker than what the CDC had flagged earlier in January.

  38. There’s this very odd sort of double standard one sees play out with Liberal supporters, a constant demand that the Tories release their platform months, even years in advance of an election.

  39. So was calling that one Minister Climate Barbie, but that didn’t stop all good Liberals from being outraged over it.

  40. I'll make a bold prediction in the next election the LPC and cpc will both attack another and people will be angry and call unfair on both sides....

  41. It seems odd that, knowing there are several criminal charges, your default stance is to still trust this information source. And I would think it’s reasonable to say you knew about these criminal charges already, you are very involved with current events.

  42. I am not update on that story. There is only so much I can do I considered the article seperate from any charges he is facing.

  43. Why would you trust what kinney writes in the meantime? I am sure you would admit, having multiple charges by the crown prosecutors is at a minimum a sign of caution.

  44. Crazy to think Shandro is considered one of the talented ones in the UCP 🤣

  45. BREAKING | Mysterious respiratory illness blamed for low turnout at Convoy memorial events across Canada

  46. Go get a better argument than “favourables” and more alleged voters. You literally just linked an article about how PP has a 7 point lead heading into 2023… how exactly does this equate to being the favourable pm?

  47. Polls on parties and favourable are different. People according to Nanos like JT over PP.

  48. Why am I am I not because I have a opinion that you don't agree with?

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