1. Looks like its just the skid plate which isn't a big deal. I can't tell from the photos what the silver piece would be though.

  2. You want high budget? Build a hellcat engine or something like that to death and find some way to bend physics to put it in there

  3. K20 is a popular Engine lately if not a lq4 or lq9 ls. One odd ball one I saw was a A60 Titan v8 was in a drift car

  4. the A60 would be mad interesting, is there a link to the A60 in the 350?

  5. The G and Z cars have tremendous aftermarket part support and there are tons of resources available to help you do pretty much anything to the car.

  6. That's fire to hear, I'm just going to dive into and learn!

  7. 2nd this and note that the engine is the most difficult part of the 350z to work with. Everything is inconveniently placed, it makes it kinda hard sometimes to work without a lift. Bolts hide in inconvenient spots so make sure you have the tools you need, but overall, there are much harder, and much worse project cars than the z.

  8. I appreciate the heads up fr! What would you say the most common engine issue is with the Z?

  9. Looks fire! What plans you got for it?

  10. Thank you! Just some subtle exhaust work, wheels, carbon fiber hood someday, updated stereo and freshening up the engine when it's time. Nothing major.

  11. hell yeah that's gonna be fire. RX8's are so fire, this sub-reddit got me rethinking me getting a 350z!

  12. Yooo I just dropped a new project a few weeks ago and this is the latest video I released for it! Everything is diy even the video, please throw me a like, comment and sub on yt if you rock w it! Trying to grow <3

  13. Throwing this here for people who like weird rap songs, would be so fire if you left a like for me on yt if you vibed with it<3

  14. im just trying to collab and see what vibes can be made at first

  15. i actually have a slap track ive been working on with another producer and we could use some vocals for it. idk if its like totally something you'd be into but i could send u the track to check out if u want.

  16. what dont you like about it? just curious

  17. frfr all about pushing sounds further and further imo

  18. You should check me out! I just dropped this yesterday

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