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  1. The USA has been able to shoot down actual satellites since the 80s, if they want the balloon gone it will be

  2. The excuse that they are worried abiut about people on the ground is laughable.

  3. What made you choose the Roth 401k versus Traditional?

  4. I had a traditional 401k at work for a while so probably 75% of my money is in a traditonal. When they offered the Roth 401K option i started doing Roth only. Basically i went with the simple and common philosophy that the tax rate will be higher in 20 years when i (hopefully) can retire so i might as well pay taxes at today’s rates than later. Time will tell i guess.

  5. Does your 401k plan have the option of in-plan Roth conversions?

  6. Admittedly your questions for the most part are going way over my head. I file taxes jointly married and i know we are close to the brackets.

  7. Actually written by John Philliis of Mamas and Papas. But I remember one interview with Robert Hunter where the band asked him to stop writing so many cowboy songs.

  8. I always felt the uncle was wounded in the gun fight from the card game and the nephew simply left him behind. The old “Go on without me” thing. Not to say this has nothing to do with the level of honesty of the duo. The fact that the nephew didn’t hesitate to leave the uncle behind so quickly always made me feel like they both knew what was going down and had an exit plan.

  9. He killed his uncle. His uncle tought him everything he knew, and his uncle was a crook too.

  10. When/if it ever gets cold again. BOIL would be at $100 if it was a cold winter.

  11. When it reverse splits. It too low to make money now. You’re gonna get killed.

  12. Its a highly leveraged ETF. Can those reverse split?

  13. Profit taking has begun. Even Nasdaq is one big pump and dump.

  14. Some of these are entertaining but at the end of the day these videos are just about getting likes and subscribers to make money. These guys know the GD has a large fan base and they can generate alot of likes and clicks. This is very little to do with them being fans of GD music, despite how many t shirts they wear.

  15. His coma was July 10 1986, so this was 6 days before that. A 5 day diabetec coma he barely survived.

  16. Did any of his 4 daughters have kids after he died? I dont think any had kids while he was still alive.

  17. The Phil/Jerry exchange at 8:50 is one for the books. Jerry starts laughing.

  18. Beardless 74 Jerry was odd. He was the man of a 1000 faces.

  19. When will BOIL boil again?? Im Getting vaporized this year.

  20. Most snowboarders avoid runs with heavy moguls. That being said we used to ride Gun Barell switch stance at the end of our day just for fun and see who could get down first.

  21. She was clearly trying for a Janis feel with some of those whoas and wahs. She hit it sometimes but not always. Her softer back up singing on alot of songs was on point. Really added depth to the vocals on many songs. Love Donna.

  22. BOIL....I want to buy you but god damn that falling knife is a bit terrifying

  23. Listen to LZ and Black Sabbath first self titled albums. I think both released in 1969. One is metal, one is hard rock.

  24. Only thing the officer did was put the dudes life at risk shooing away everyone trying to help except for one stubborn and persistent civilian.

  25. That guy in the vest was probably a cop. Off duty or undercover

  26. Well smart people would get better paying jobs so you’re left with people at the bottom of the barrel

  27. Most cops where i live retire in their 50s with a pension over $100K a year. Not so stupid.

  28. Left side on way from west. Right side headed east. Recently flew from Reno to Denver and the views were incredible from right side. They take off towards the west then doing a 180 before the lake and turn east. You see the lake from the eastern side of Sierras.

  29. They are kinda bad at the moment (who knows in the future). They sold lots of "clicky" units and people found difficult to contact their customer care. I have a microtron and the enclosure feels fragile but it sounds ok. Bought an octavider+ and It did the clicky things many people reported. Contacted mutron on every social medias, through emails and shit and they never checked back and I'm not the only one. If you check on tgp you'll find lots of people that went through the same issues.

  30. Oh I didn’t know that. I have a Microtron IV and hadnt experienced the clicky issues. Like it makes a clicking sound? I bough it about 5-6 years ago.

  31. I think Bobby said (on SXM) that David Crosby taught them how to do the harmonies for Attics.

  32. Yes. The story goes that CSN helped them with harmonies in exchange for some music backup on an album (i.e. Jerry playing steel pedal on Teach Your Children)

  33. I love ALL the live Eyes as it's my favorite dead tune, but there's just something they NAILED about that studio version for me.

  34. The sound is unique and the recording it quite good but that doesn’t outweigh the live versions and of couse the extended insane jams of live Eyes. Hard pass for me.

  35. Not the best at what they do, they are the only ones that do what they do.

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