1. There is also a Leo sign on the right of the main bar/restaurant sign.

  2. Shut your dirty mouth. I didn’t even notice the inferior Leo logo

  3. He goes on to say mediocre foreigners can “punch above their weight”. To be fair, he probably assumes he’s average to a touch above.

  4. Going to be a busy 2-3 weeks. Bouncing around south east Asia. Don’t have a complete itinerary of countries or cities yet. Anyone in the region?

  5. Phuket is also one of the ports of call for the US navy.

  6. Doing some country hopping in SEA in march. Anyone doing the same? Perhaps we can cross paths.

  7. I enjoyed Siem reap. Went twice and visited Angkor wat both times. Haven’t been to Vietnam yet.

  8. Interesting. These are averages from an extremely small sample group. Be interested to see a better breakdown of who spends what. Regardless, tourism makes up a fair amount of gdp for Thailand. Which makes me wonder why it can be so difficult to do some things for long term “tourists” like me.

  9. I use tourist because that is the only visa they allow me currently. I could refer to myself as whatever I would like, it wouldn’t change my legal status here according to Thailand.

  10. In case of a Tourist Visa is this usually no Prob. Try the same for a Non-O. - Surprise!

  11. Mine was super easy. Approved in a couple days. Tourist visa. E-visa through US

  12. My complaint isn't necessarily the power, it's the fact this so called low trim car is over $31,000CDN.

  13. Then why are you comparing horsepower numbers? You should be comparing things like display, fuel economy, sound system, leg room, etc. You specifically mentioned horsepower and brought up the “anemic pos engine”.

  14. Imagine shopping for a low trim car and complaining about power.

  15. It may be a mistake in the translation, google translate was not so good back then. Maybe google mixed the city thing with the aluminum CRX...

  16. They did both City and CRX not for the NSX but as a testbed for mid engined car. They drove it regularly on the Honda Development Center parking lot and dreamed the management would give green light, as the development team was so impressed with the cars. The CRX also had aluminum body as they were experimenting that too. Forgot to mention that...

  17. My first car was a crx. Always dreamed of an nsx swap. Small Hondas will always have a place in my heart.

  18. Love hate with the 6th gen. The SI should have been the hatch and not the coupe. Then again im a hot hatch fan.

  19. Indeed. Imagine your engine in a car half the weight. Now imagine that with another 100hp. The atom is insane.

  20. The k20c1 is a factory turbocharged engine. Production engine for the civic type r. Also Ariel offered the atom in a supercharged version of the k20z4. Not sure if this technically qualifies as production but it was an option from a licensed automotive producer.

  21. Sounds like you’ll be rebuilding the the engine soon. Makes me wonder what other gremlins are hiding or shortcuts were taken

  22. Import taxes are killer. Not as bad in the US. About 41k AUD. 50k AUD in Thailand.

  23. I came to Thailand to get away from the crowd that music appeals to.

  24. I’ve had a few people ask about it haha. Late 70s Datsun 1500. 4 speed manual.

  25. It’s a late 70s Datsun 1500. 4 speed manual. Runs like crap but virtually rust free. Cool little truck.

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