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  1. Someone mentioned a blanket, which definitely helps. I also bought larger crates for my cats. I had a tall boy that really freaked out in a regular cat crate. One trip I didn't even make it to the end of the street - he was freaking out so bad I was afraid he'd hurt himself. Bought a larger crate and he was fine after that.

  2. He sang in the much bigger crate I had (previous pair of kitty's shared it for trips), too, but I'm not able to carry it anymore and switched to a smaller one with luggage wheels/pull handle and a shoulder strap (and a top handle and backpack straps!) I used to put a towel in the big one since it was hard plastic, but hadn't thought of it since this one came with a cushion.

  3. Nope. Vet says Jasper's a good weight - you can feel his spine and ribs when you get through his floofy undercoat, and he has defined waist/hips when viewed from above. He was over 7 lbs when he was only 6 months old, so he's actually a little smaller than I expected him to be. He has such a kittenish face he seems smaller than he is. My black kitty is a very solid 10.4 pounds - also deemed a healthy weight by the vet.

  4. All the time, generally it’s because I’m trying to ‘vegetarianise’ the recipe… (3 people, 1 Veggie, 2 not) so trying to see if I can make 1 base, instead of 2 different meals!

  5. Mine is usually because I need to de-dairy for myself. It's always that choice of can I make it partway and split into two, or does my husband have to eat dairy alternatives this time because I don't want to make two separate things?

  6. Also if you can look at your ovaries and womb you've got bigger problems.

  7. I mean, I've seen pictures (ultrasound and MRI) of my ovary and wombs (not a typo): it's totally fucked up, and apparently their job is to make me miserable. Endometriosis in a didelphus uterus with only one ovary on the side that doesn't seem to stretch means a lot of pain and miscarriages...

  8. My main motivation is health. I have an extensive family history of diabetes. My original weight loss journey started when my bloodwork came back showing prediabetic numbers. I've watched so many of my relatives struggling with the complications being overweight and living with diabetes caused in their lives, and have decided I'm not going to live like that if I can help it. There's still a very good chance I'll develop diabetes as I age, but the chance is lower now that I'm back to a normal weight range, eating better and getting regular exercise.

  9. I JUST NEED TO LOSE 10 POUNDS MORE...... but I really don't have time to count calories and stuff lol T_____T I can fit into my jeans from 2016 but it's definitely on the snug side. So close! yet so far. (10 pounds is the short term goal)

  10. I'm at the last 6 pounds, and they've been so much more difficult than the 34 pounds already lost this past year... probably because I stopped counting calories and went more intuitive eating and I've been good at maintaining like this, but not so much at losing.

  11. Chatting with my cousin at a family gathering this weekend, my cousin mentioned that now that the kids are back to school this week she's getting serious about weight loss again. She then complained that it's so hard dropping her calories back down to 1800 a day... Bitch, that's still more than my maintenance! She's a 6 foot tall woman. She gets over 2000 calories for maintenance. I'm 5'6" and I'd gain on 1800 a day!

  12. I lived with my grandma for a while, and fried spam and eggs and potatoes was a staple! We ate it once a week!

  13. Sooooooo good. Get the biscuits crisp on the outside and cloudy inside then ladle that sausage gravy. I add a good bit of ground sage and black pepper.

  14. My husband thinks I'm gross, but I add a heap of sauteed or roasted crimini mushrooms on top!

  15. This week is a fridge clean out week. My husband and I are working our way through leftovers from a family picnic (salads, hamburgers, hotdogs) this past weekend, as well as leftovers from a pot of chicken chili I made last week. Tomorrow we plan to share a grilled steak and roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli because we're already tired of leftovers, but if it rains we'll make shrimp etouffee and grits instead, then back to leftovers until they're gone and I go grocery shopping.

  16. I'm not so fond of matcha, but I do black tea boba with soy or coconut milk a lot. I've done the blue butterfly pea flower tea, too - fun to make blue and purple teas! Since it's not a strong flavor, sugar free syrups are fun to add to that.

  17. This person found a vegan taro milk tea method!

  18. Oooh, unfortunately, the taro powder on the link in that post is showing sold out. I did find some at

  19. Never ran into a celery allergy. Pretty sure I'm cool. And Cabbage is not a nut, either. Are you allergic to trees? I am. But I burn them and sneeze. You're overthinking this

  20. Celery is in the top 15 food allergies. My friend got to use her EpiPen and take an ambulance trip to the hospital when a restaurant served her seasoned fries that had celery salt on them, even after informing them of her allergy.

  21. Peas aren't my favorite vegetable, but I love adding roasted eggplant to indian foods to bulk it out!

  22. Cries in Celiac. That looks soooo good.

  23. Cries in dairy intolerance! I think I got bloated and gassy just looking at it! I'll eat your bread, you can have my cheese.

  24. Yeah it’s not great but it’s not terrible. On S’mores, it’s incredible though.

  25. Aldi's Hershey like bars of chocolate are even better on s'mores, and its cheaper!

  26. I recently had to go low sodium and dairy-free and hadn't made a tuna casserole in almost a year. My husband really wanted it for dinner last month, and we still had the ingredients in the pantry (mostly canned things that were well before their exploration dates still), so I made it up, and decided to risk the dairy for some nostalgia... Huge mistake. It didn't even taste good to me, and the gastrointestinal consequences weren't worth it. I might try to do a fully from scratch non-dairy one in the future if my husband starts craving it again, but I need to do some recipe research first (probably find something kosher)

  27. That depends on what "figuring out you're ace" means to be honest

  28. Now imagine you were a teenager before the days of the internet... I grew up assuming everyone was exaggerating all the sex stuff and pretending to fit in just like me... got married, it seemed like the thing to do since I'd been with my boyfriend for so long and since I was a "straight" woman that's basically what was expected... then a decade later came across all the asexuality info on the interwebs... I'm in my 40s now. now... I've only realized recently that I'm probably on the aromantic spectrum, too.

  29. I can say living here and seeing how shitty ppl are to pedestrians in crosswalk areas, it tripped me out in Vegas to see cars stop at them if they even suspected you may walk across the street.

  30. San Diego was amazing for pedestrians! Drivers got pissed because my husband and I would wait for traffic to actually stop before we started because we're so used to drivers just blowing past crosswalks with flashing lights and people in them...

  31. Fuzzy land orcas are ambush predators!

  32. My phone timer app only let's me run one at a time. I have a google hub in my kitchen so it's always fun to tell it to start a timer and give it a name - it makes chicken sounds for anything chicken or egg, cheers for cookies or cakes, grill sounds for most other meats, makes bubble noises for laundry timers, and a few others. Plus it has different visuals on screen if you have multiple timers going at once so it's easy at a glance to see which one you need. Before I got the hub, I had a digital timer with 4 clocks that had a tiny white board to label them. Before that, I had multiple digital and wind up timers and post it notes 😄

  33. I've tried killing the mint at my works garden. Ripped so much out. Even the ones growing out of the bed. Shit still started growing back.

  34. Previous homeowner planted mint in the yard... we've been ripping it out every spring/summer for the past 16 years.

  35. I dread my current bed of ripped out mint roots. 16yr and stoll coming ?! I'm terrified of this Chore...

  36. Good luck. We've even tried like uber chemical weed killers that I generally avoid. Still there. If I had the time and money, I'd take out the top foot of top soil and replace it. It's so bad, its somehow gotten through the plant beds and started on in the bed of supervivium succulents on the front corner of the house now. My poor neighbor has started to get it, even though I try to keep it just tonour yard. I'm tempted to just sow with salt and live with a mud pit instead of random mint popping up.

  37. Wait until you hear about the ridiculous idiots who think only pregnant women get stretch marks! I've had them since I hit puberty (boobs, butt, thighs and hips) and added to them when I gained a lot of weight in my 20s (backs of my arms and belly) and I can't have kids. Tried arguing with one moron that MEN can get stretch marks, that the only qualifier is having SKIN that has STRETCHED too fast, but it didn't seem to get through their head.

  38. My cat sat on my phone lockscreen once and it rang emergency services. I tried to hang up but they don't allow you to end the call, so I had to confirm I was alright and just told them what happened and apologized for wasting their time.

  39. My husband was trying to clear a message from our resort phone on vacation this spring and somehow ended up dialing 911... he had this panicked look on his face when they answered, and I had to tell him to just calmly explain that it was not an emergency, just a mis-dial. Two minutes after he hung up, the front desk at the resort called up - they apparently get an alert if a guest dials 911 - asking if we needed assistance. I was laughing my ass off the whole time, because he's supposedly the technology person in our relationship!

  40. Yep! If I plan on making an Indian dish that is garnished with cilantro, I will make my tortilla soup recipe that uses cilantro and throw the rest of it in there.

  41. Cilantro lime rice always happens in my house when it needs used up

  42. I haven't yet come across this yet in my shopping travels

  43. I've seen it on - I haven't tried it though, but I plan on getting some eventually, along with spinach, to make fun colored breads and pastas.

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