1. That vienamese girl have very long neck. #longneckgals

  2. this is so fucking creative. /:) 1 cut, self harm is so addictive, I can definitely relate.

  3. He looks like a kid who’s about to ask the nearest grocery store worker that he can’t find his mom

  4. Did you know that some prey animals sleep with one eye open? dolphins, manatees, whales, bats, rabbits, freaking crocodiles, and others i forgot about.

  5. another fun fact you can see crocs and gaters and manatees in Florida. Manatees are often called sea cows, i think that's quite adorable they migrate into Florida's swamp canals and stuff in the summers. Crocodiles are scary. There are 1.25 million alligators in florida and like I'd find it hard to believe if you were in floida near any body of water and didn't see a gater .

  6. I owe a lot of my determination to anxiety and body dysmorphia 👍👍👍

  7. The best revenge is served cold. Like gazpacho.

  8. for me anxiety attacks are worse like waaaaaay worse. I see my fuckin emotions even when i close my eyes soo During my ptsd episodes Im either calm about the colors / it's kind of like a cute thing happening in the background or like I'm unable to escape the torture happening min my body and brain and it only makes it worse. It's also just annoying lol, Same with literally anything you can't turn off. Like a song that won't stop playing or an obnoxious ping you get every time u get a notification. like go away man im just in the bathroom or just sitting in traffic or just trying to look at my phone screen and ur like being extra. It's a little in my face at times.

  9. My Friend's older brother is a lawyer. He was marrying a lawyer. Most of their friends are lawyers. The officiant was a Judge who was a friend of theirs.

  10. "Here weirdos, take this sweaty band that was wrapped around her thigh all day"

  11. im sorry if this sounds offensive lmfao but Danny looks like grown up Andy from toy story that's the vibe i get from ur art style. beautiful danwork ~

  12. This is very true. Imagine ice cold scary eyes.

  13. honestly, he does have the amount of ' natural' blush that woody has. (yes im insinuating his blush is too perfect to be humanly possible )

  14. 🫂. Hope u don't beat yourself about it 2 bad and u dress the yeets that need dressing . Hugs

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