1. Zero: How come I got 4th place? and you got 3rd place

  2. Watch them cast Sean Nichols in New Gen Gaia. I would be surprised.

  3. GrandSphere king should only be defeated by Decker. Trigger should rest on Mars or join the UGF battle in between with the Dark Giants too. I agree with your opinion, make Dyna appear in a movie or UGF, I guess UGF is better. But the trend is, in episode 19, he might appear according to the trend. But I personally might no want any other Ultra to appear in Decker from now on (Trigger is fine because they share the same universe)

  4. From I heard from rumors. Trigger has like 4 cameos left

  5. Facebook rumors, they usually got it from 4chan and other sites etc. They got most of it right.

  6. There's no point of Fake Decker since Decker's Earth aren't xenophobic or racial profiling aliens as invaders. That's the original Gregore's reason to imit Dyna's appearance.

  7. Cool character but has annoying fanbase.

  8. Imagine Ultraman Dynus being Decker's true form like how Noa being Nexus' true form.

  9. In YouTube some people say it's either Decker Dynamic type or Dynas. Who or what is Dynas?

  10. Give this guy a trident instead of a sword shield

  11. Why is Alien Empera sealed by Taro? Shouldn't be Mebius or FoU? Alien Empera only been mentioned in Taro series never made an appearance nor fight Taro.

  12. He's already mid for me. I can expect him to popping out of nowhere at anytime and anywhere in every new series.

  13. Alright Geed gain forms through genes...

  14. No way! This isn’t edited right? Did he actually say that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. He did. He even said the buttocks on Trigger is accurate

  16. From what I heard, Shin Zetton is designed to destory solar systems. Godzilla is screwed.

  17. in wrestling terms, the character will win without losing to a weak enemy

  18. a user here who lust grigio so much that he got banned from 2 discord servers.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks Number 1 is obviously Zero?

  20. Miracle Type is set to debut in episode 5 along with Sphere Eleking debut, according to rumors

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