1. Great to see those millions of dollars they make from us every year are going into the game we pay for.

  2. I wish they don’t actually remove this, it makes it funny and also you can just jump.

  3. it is useful to watch the gaits without crashing into a tree tbf

  4. I don't know which is worse, disrespecting an entire community of mentally ill people by faking their disorder, pretending to be the black version of someone who is literally white, or suddenly gaining an "alter" of such a valuable figure who's just passed away. That shits messed up.

  5. As amazing as this idea is we aren't the developers. This would be better being sent as an email to turbo rocket games, not the fan made subreddit. I 100% agree with a prehistoric world though, both terrestrial and marine, that would be absolutely amazing, could be a separate app even.

  6. F2P with good luck would make those loon mald so bad they melt

  7. Never spent a penny on Genshin but I'm still very happy with my team. I got Venti, my favourite character, using pity and it felt accomplishing. I would love to spend money on Genshin because I love the game and Sumeru proves that the gacha money goes to good use. People who complain just haven't gone outside in a while probably, don't know how the world works

  8. I really loved Xinyan Fischl and Mona's mirages, but it got a bit repetitive by the end so it started to drag on. I got Fischl's outfit, my first and only one haha, so I'm happy to leave the event at that. I understand the feeling of just not wanting to do the event, I rushed through it in the last 3 days but it was still a bit... not boring just repetitive? Best puzzles go to Fischl's, don't know why but I love the idea of perspective actually affecting the size and position on something.

  9. I was excited to find a clan but, 2 level 200 animals and a pet is a bit out of my league, don't know about other people on here but that's a lot to ask. Especially for a new clan.

  10. Yeah i didnt know most european buildings didnt have AC till this started.

  11. It's why it annoys me when people from warm countries complain about us being pathetic. Greece among many countries have a siesta for the times of day that reach these temperatures, ie everything is closed everyone goes inside. Not to mention, England has always been used to more miserable weather. Our homes have no AC because we rarely need it, the walls are insulated because we more commonly have cold winters. We don't carry around fans with us, we don't have swimming pools. Because we're not supposed to have weather that warrants their use. That's why it's been so hard for people to go to school or work or even function.

  12. The crossover I didn't know I wanted.

  13. what in the hell is going in with YouTube

  14. Legendaries ain't that rare btw, don't sweat it. You found out about the lasso but still.

  15. They're legendary, this is story mode. They're literally one of a kind.

  16. Disappointed. The quests were okay for the botanist, the races were good to see Greendale but it was boring to run around and take pictures. Only took 5 minutes, it'd be ok if the entire update this week wasn't a 5 minute quest. Hopefully it means they're putting more time into a large update on the way!

  17. yeah it's obvious but some peopel are obsessed with it to the point of it being creepy almost

  18. I hate it when the whole fandom just focuses on their sexuality, rather than what he's actually going through. I haven't seen it personally here but people do fetishise gay people, and obsess over people because of it. It's amazing that we're getting representation but that doesn't completely define Will's character, he's more than just the one who doesn't like girl's. People need to back off poor Will a bit tbh.

  19. The speed that you earn both currencies is abysmal.

  20. I'd like to see Eleven and the gang get revenge on Angela. Vecna is more of a meme now but I'm sure everyone hates Angela. Concussion is not enough. El got her powers back, she has her father. I need to see this.

  21. SSO made an announcement on Twitter saying they're aware of the issue and in the process of finding a fix. I think this recent update took out their ancient game engine's last leg, I've seen a lot of funky glitches.

  22. 2019? 2020? They gave the COVID excuse then which just isn't true. Sweden was one of the only countries barely hit, plus they're game designers. Now they don't have that excuse so they're ignoring us. I'm hoping the recent crappy updates or "oh we couldn't finish this in time" we've had for years means they're working elsewhere. Although considering the amount of details on those new... fish h-horses I'm not sure. Pretty sure after all this time they've only reached concept images.

  23. Sweden probably wasn't hit that bad BECAUSE people took it seriously and game designers, surprise surprise, work in offices too.

  24. No one said they're evil, it's just a fact. It's not ridiculous, your reaction is a bit ridiculous. Who said they're evil jesus I just said they lied

  25. I didn't say dangle a piece of string, but cats do like string so like honestly it could have worked. But literally doing anything rather than just standing there could have been helpful.

  26. Not really. This lion clearly isn't in very good conditions. He's confused, afraid and probably very unhappy. Then this asshole comes over poking teasing and mocking him. He bit his finger probably for many reasons - the lion could be hungry or angry. He didn't let go for those two reasons. Losing a finger is an awful sight but he got what was coming for making fun of the poor lion. It's very hard to get an angry hungry adult male lion to let go of a finger that has been prodding and annoying him. If this guy doesn't know basic shit like that I don't think he's ready to leave his home. People filming looks stupid but honestly who can blame them.

  27. Jump across from the middle. It's a shame the water can't be transparent but once u find the spot u will get the hang of it.

  28. Does it look like Buell? Buell is literally a different breed and coat lmao

  29. Does it look like Buell? Buell is literally a different breed and coat lmao

  30. How do you shiny hunt without even looking up it’s type💀

  31. Doesn't sceptile learn false swipe too like 💀

  32. Did you cheat? If not contact them it could've been a mistake.

  33. It takes time? They're a company with actual humans.

  34. This is a miracle! Not a horse in sight!

  35. If you managed to gain the bounty by shooting people, it isn't hard to do the same to bounty hunters, get to your destination to surrender and/or pay off the bounty. If this is difficult maybe this game isn't for you until you've had practice with the game genre elsewhere in a game that allows a bit more freedom.

  36. I think it would be fine if they just.. added more to DO. I finished all of my rep quests years back- I've been playing since 2013. I have really nothing to do. Not only that but championships are hard too, with players for some reason being able to reach higher levels than me. I have completed ALL of my quests, but for some time limited quests they have the exp and level that I CANNOT reach. There is no exp for me to get to get to that point. It's ridiculous. I believe I'm level 22 that I barely managed to get through the baroness quests.

  37. Championships as an endgame suck. Full of cheaters, super laggy, unfair groups, pointless rewards. The racing system needs an update too if they're going to make pvp races like this. Considering the bugs and how heavy and janky the controls are it's difficult to get into and become skilled at champs by the end of the game.

  38. hate people that say this, it's low hanging fruit. People are allowed an opinion about a game they like is that so hard to understand.

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