1. You know that’s bs lol? Was it sarcasm?

  2. Mt Fuji is way bigger than Mt Doom, that is not a similar sized mountain.

  3. How do you know that? Tolkien never said how tall Mt Doom was.

  4. I’m not concerned so much about about the horses. Tolkien likes to give some horses extra powers. I could see horses of Numenor being much better the the average horse. Plus 100 mile horse races often end in under 24 hours the records being closer to 15 hours. The path they went from the Anduin seems to be a bit south of Osgiliath over some mountain pass. It’s probably over 100 miles but not by much.

  5. They mentioned in the show ”a day’s ride” though, didn’t they? And one day sailing up the river.

  6. I’m sure you use “pyroclatic flow” (your spelling) in your every day life, and definitely didn’t get it from Reddit just to join in on all the newly discovered volcano experts, right?

  7. It’s kind of hilarious with all these backseat experts we get each week.

  8. I really hope either Bayona or Charlotte Brändström is directing the majority of episodes. Wayne Yip’s sensibilities are just too jarring sandwiched between theirs.

  9. That could mean he’s Adar’s exact opposite. He starts bad but will turn good. Sauron starts good and turned evil.

  10. It would make 0 sense and honestly. As much as i like Adar. He feels way too small of a villain compared to Sauron. I mean he just got captured by 2 people. Thats pathetic for sauron standards.

  11. Maybe he let himself be taken? He had already sent Waldreg off with the key.

  12. I just watched episode 6 again, and I think he *is* Sauron. Everyone's harping on what the book says about Sauron during this time, but the show has made it pretty clear that the book is more of a guideline. He appears to the elves as Annatar, sure, but why couldn't he also assume the form of this dark elf in order to recruit orcs to his cause? And what better way to do so than to give them a home? Adar is very clearly very charismatic and manipulative, just like Sauron. When he's captured by Galadriel and Halbrand, Galadriel is the one who tells him who he is- he doesn't offer that information. He does go on to tell her what he claims happened to Sauron, but she doesn't buy it- of course she doesn't, and of course, we know it's not true. We KNOW, 100% for sure, that he's lying in this scene, and it's pretty weird that people actually believed him. He plays the victim extremely well- the poor, tortured elf who just wants to help his mistreated Uruk "children". He's such a master manipulator that he zeroes right in on one of Galadriel's greatest insecurities- that her hunt for Sauron has turned her into the evil she seeks to destroy. It works, too- she has her knife at his throat immediately, making him seem like even more of a victim. It's a perfect performance by someone who is highly skilled at this sort of thing. Plus, hasn't anyone noticed the gauntlet on his left hand? The artistry of his sword? Also- and I don't know how relevant this is, but I doubt it's not intentional- the name Adar is OLD and means the following: darkened, eclipsed, fire, majestic, illustrious, exalted, ruler, prince. Probably not a coincidence that the writers chose that name for him. And his name is another point in favor of him being Sauron- particularly in the way he reacts to Waldreg calling him that name, which I think is probably much more likely to be a reference to the book and Sauron not allowing anyone to call him that (tbf I probably wouldn't want to be called "The Abhorred" either).

  13. Yep summing it up pretty neat! Also, for the casual audience I think it would be hard to make H=S work. Some in the audience will frankly be pissed off and won’t accept him as an enemy. Too little foreshadowing of H breaking evil.

  14. I’m a fairly popular writer in my fandom and admit to having more followers than I follow, and also rarely read my followers’ work. Here’s why:

  15. Do you have the complicated marriage story on Wattpad, lol, that sounds like something I'd read.

  16. I'm pretty disheartened to see this thread full of pointless nitpicking about this or that minor issue. I really liked the episode, and the show in general, but it seems like every weekly thread is always laser focused on whatever the particular issue of the week is and that's all we can talk about.

  17. You’re in the wrong sub. This is so negative to the show, but in

  18. For a time, it seemed like this sub could have interesting discussions about the show even if they didn't love it. But now these threads are just about finding little nit-picky complaints to endlessly repeat.

  19. Yeah, and surpringly I find more comments here showing how little the complainer has read of Tolkien than in the dedicated subs where people seem extremely well versed in the legendarium. So for deep, meaningful analyses of anything Tolkien I’d actually prefer those subs over this now…

  20. Still no Celeborn? But looking forward to see Círdan! 🤗

  21. He's got that smile... And he's so charming... I would follow Halbrand, I wish he were my King 😍

  22. Don't objectify men, he was chosen because he is a great actor and fit for the role. This series is not sexualising anyone and is being inclusive for everyone, so a little bit more of respect towards actors, and less sexism would be appreciated here.

  23. You’re not wrong (straight woman too)

  24. Funny how you ask for opinions and can’t give your own when asked… it almost seems like you just don’t like the show, and want to call fans out (all that bs we hear that those who love the show only do it because ”great visuals”). But instead it’s you that seem to be the one unable to provide reasons for your dislike.

  25. I asked why one likes this show, and my only good point for it is the visuals.

  26. Still your points are rather vague, but I will try to address them and maybe you can elaborate some points.

  27. I like this theory a lot. It has great potential and would make lots of sense for her character arc - definite proof like Barahir’s ring could be what she needs to stop.

  28. I think it's likely to only have exposition by dialogue but my dream scenario would be something like the following:

  29. This is some good shit right there! I so wish this is what will happen.

  30. I know right? The last we seen of her she was on the boat and then all of a sudden she’s in formation with all the knights charging at like 20km per hour across the land to save this village that she didn’t know needed to be saved

  31. NP! I was actually replying to someone else but it seems they deleted their comment.

  32. Interesting theory! Could be plausible, but I rather think the writers want to show how all characters are ”morally grey”, so to speak. That even Galadriel is not beyond cruelty and ”sin”.

  33. Because they have to complain about something each week.

  34. I have one in the Lord of the Ring fandom if you’re interested? Completed and 100% fandom blind.

  35. Great analysis! It will be great to see all the rest of the threads tied together in the finale. It’s obvious these showrunners know what they do, and care a lot that the plot is realistic and makes sense (in universe).

  36. Before the age of the sun, sure not after

  37. The Moriquendi were in Middle-earth before the sun. They just never left it like the others did.

  38. Not all moriquendi is born early at cuivienen right. Arondir is born @beleriand so he’s younger sindarin or silvan, i dont think he’s seen valars

  39. He doesn’t need to have seen them to know about them though.

  40. Great find! It strengthens my theory that

  41. This sub, that’s negative to the show, has 11,000 members.

  42. Bronwyn's perfectly brushed eyebrows are a bit glamorous for a farm midwife lol. I agree though. Her and Isildur's sister just look really modern to me. Gil-galad's wig and hairline is super distracting as well lol.

  43. Tbf it makes sense for a rich culture like Númenor to be good at makeup.

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