1. Yea you should be good. I bought a pair of shoes at the end of last month & they arrived ahead of schedule (in just 3 days). Didn’t have to contact customs or anything tho that’s what sm ppl said

  2. Did you give this a try ? Im planning to order from the official website as well. Not the Sri lankan site.

  3. I ordered shoes 3 weeks ago. Came without any issues in 3 daya

  4. Umm... This is reddit. Do you think people want to meet up?

  5. You may have a point there, but you never know ithin. A good friend of mine, we initially bumped into each other on an old Reddit thread 😁

  6. My current SO was found from a friend. From my experience, I hate to say this, but your looks goes a long way in this. When ever I try to talk to a girl, they just try to close the conversation off ASAP and move on away. And I am not so good looking guy, but well groomed and otherwise well looked after by myself, and I try to be a gentleman with manners and when talking with ladies, so it's just a face issue I guess.

  7. Yeah, the thing is with this method the probability of rejection is naturally going to be very high, because the girl is mainly going to gauge you on your looks(since they dont really know you)But hey, if the girl in question thinks youre cute, you might actually strike luck!

  8. This question is turning into the next "fuck SLT" post, mods ought to put them in the fucking thread.

  9. You have a point tho ngl. Some girls prefer to be approached in person, other dont, etc etc. 😅🤣 The usual convention is obviously the whole be friends thing, but ofc there are exceptions to the rule

  10. I see a lot of people here discouraging and saying to use dating apps. Well apps arent that great here in SL tbh 😂So what i would say is that if youre approaching someone on the train, its better if its someone you see often in the commute. Then you have some sort of familiarity to maybe smile and strike up a convo. Good luck.

  11. Also hats off to the people who gave better advice to OPs post. The thing is, you worry so much about being a creep that you act like a clam and then actually seem creepy even though youre not. Second, you cant please everyone. Some people will think that youre creepy by simply standing next to them. Smile, approach strike up a convo! You will instantly know if she wants you to continue or go away. If the signal is to go away, back the fuck away and forget about her! Thats all

  12. The single biggest factor that determines whether you experience success in your dating life is how extroverted/social you are. You can be the most handsome guy int the with the a Greek God physique or Margot Robbie's twin, so long as you stay away from people your chances of meeting a decent partner will be low.

  13. Couldnt agree more. Thats why stars dont twinkle in the daytime because they arent visible😂😂😂

  14. careful, the government might ban you for such "satanic" activities

  15. Hey there; There arent a lot of electronic modules these days for some reason. I had to put my projects on hold. Like other people recommended you can try unitech trading but this place gets crowded very soon.

  16. Yeah tronic is alright for online orders

  17. First Cross Street in Pettah. Unitech Trading there should have most of what you need, but if not there’s tons of other shops on that street that will.

  18. Unitech has almost everything you need. But yes i second this. First cross is the ultimate place.

  19. Just go for it! One thing I've learned from being in a similar situation is if you wanna ask a girl out, do it yourself. I've had people helping me out with this, but never worked. I'm not the most social person, but that made me approach people more.

  20. I second this. Plus people may not always want to help when it comes to matters like this( i know from personal experience). To quote Nike - just do it!

  21. Trying and failing is better than a what if regret.

  22. They’re tryna live longer than the queen of England did 💀

  23. He needs 26 years under his belt to beat that record 😂

  24. He might as well at this rate, with the amount of people still shamelessly supporting him and his family…

  25. Ikr😂, the audacity of these people, sigh.....

  26. I appreciate the input. Truthfully though I'm not someome blessed with a good appearance so that's one of the reasons for my decision. I don't think Im the type of guy to be able to pick up girls in a club. And as for risks, I guess there is a certain element of risk with picking up girls from clubs as well.

  27. Tell you what bro, if you want to go clubbing some time, hmu. Havent been there in quite sometime😂👍. Ill give you some moral support too <3

  28. Honestly man I appreciate that. It's kinda wholesome all the advice and the support in this comments thread.

  29. No problem. Feel free to DM me anytime. I could use a new friend lel :3 😂👍

  30. Main job gets me around 125k. I live with my parents, but contribute to bills and groceries, plus i pay for fuel for our vehicle(and that shit is expensier per month😂) So im fortunate enough to not run short of money but i dont really have much savings left lmao. I also tutor and do freelance projects and have got extra money here and there, but its not exactly a consistent source of income.

  31. I think ChrisFix and Kilmer are hard to compare. I don't sub to either, but Kilmer is a hack, while ChrisFix actually knows something and does decent work from the videos I have watched. If someone like ChrisFix can get people into wrenching, I'm all for it. I do agree that YouTube university isn't a replacement for actual experience or training, but everyone has to start somewhere.

  32. I agree. And Chrisfix almost always works on old cars, no expensive Mercedes' 😂😂

  33. What about the adidas online store? It is expensive, but then again everything is😅. Has anyone bought from there recently?

  34. Just lie dude. Life is unfair, and 100 percent honestly will only cause you to get fucked over

  35. dude dont check the price you will get a heart attack for sure

  36. The thing is i dont really read much books😂😂😂but going to hang with some people lolzzzz

  37. Yo don’t say that. My boyfriend just started going to this gym and we’re on a rough patch these days -.- Idw him to meet someone there (i.e he’s prolly gonna see them regularly, so your comment is frightening-.-)

  38. That sucks dude. But honestly its out of your control. If he does meet someone, that shows that he doesnt really want to be with you. I know you wont like me saying this, but ive had bad personal experience with stuff like. Letting go is the only way. It hurts fucking bad but it gets better with time

  39. I know this is an old thread, but it came up on my google search for this same issue so maybe I can help someone. I tried all of the tips on this thread to no avail because I found on my machine, at least, the filament was hitting the extruder hole too high. By pressing down on the filament where it goes (I used an eyeglasses screwdriver, but I'm sure anything that fits would work) it went in with no problem at all. Good luck everyone!

  40. I second this. Helps to get the filament into the hole. Worked for me!

  41. Damn. Me too OP, me too😂👍i could do with meeting new people lolz

  42. Reminder : You are asking this on reddit 💀

  43. Nah I value the privacy of this account way too much to hook up with anyone on here lol

  44. 🤣👍true. Thats where a second account comes in handy👍✌️🤣

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