1. Do you have to A rank everything? Or just complete the missions?

  2. Breaking up with people in December is basically not allowed because of stuff like this, you just have to wait until it's over. You have a very narrow window in January to end your relationship before Valentine's Day season. I've broken up with three different girls on Martin Luther King Day specifically because of this.

  3. I got dumped the WEEK of Valentine’s Day before and it SUCKS

  4. In Kamen Rider Gaim episode 1 when Kouta was in Drupers aka the fruit bar place and asked who was responsible for the inves games in the first place

  5. The sink’s sorry man! It didn’t know there would be casualties.

  6. Despite it being my first season, which didn’t affect my placement of it, Dino Thunder takes the foundation of it’s past seasons, and builds upon it with it’s own ideas. The initial trio’s slow growth on each other from strangers to friends, the much layered backstory on the plot & villains, the themes of legacy & change that comes with each characters individual development, I could just never get tired of watching it. I think RPM is a much better made season & probably the actual best like I said, but Dino Thunder means a lot more to me for those reasons I listed.

  7. Benwolf is a really great alien in every single way. He has a really great set of abilities , a great design without looking too much like a werewolf but has enough resemblance of one, and he looks like he'd be so much fun to just run around as him. Also Happy Cake Day.

  8. The Henry Cavill Black Adam cameo was filmed just weeks before the release. DC does not plan out these cameos and their sequel bai. They’re completely reactionary. James Gunn put her in there, bud

  9. I’m a little worried after hearing the plot of the movie, mainly cause I’m TERRIFIED about global warming and climate change, and how we may not have time left on this planet.

  10. You really want the most adaptable character in the film; hiding in his shapeshifted black male form the whole movie?

  11. True, but still, you could add in Hawkman or something as well, or even Firestorm (not Ronnie, I think Jason Rusch?) to the roster as well

  12. Depends? Is keeping the team to just seven a goal? Native american raven could fill the magic role just as well as zatanna.

  13. Doesn’t have to be seven. Smallville’s JL had 5 members. Though that didn’t have Batman and Wonder Woman, but still.

  14. Is it really that much harder to get a good fake mustache than it is CGI OUT a mustache?

  15. They could’ve done what Ceasar Romero did as Joker in 60’s Batman and color the mustache so it’s less noticeable or something. But that was then, this was in 2017

  16. Am I only one who is blind and literaly can't see at all how CGI was used to cover up moustache?

  17. Whatever happens this man must never go to the Hoenn region.

  18. They're the same thing but I got this image from googling the Power Ranger.

  19. Ohhhh. So are you a sentai fan then? Or a toku/power rangers fan? Either way, based

  20. I really like this version of the Joker. His motivation is that he does terrible things because he thinks it’s funny. It’s not like Heath Ledgers joker trying to prove a point

  21. The best joker (Yes, better than Ledger. He was WAY too serious for my liking.) and my FAVORITE Joker.

  22. Dustox in Omega Ruby (RIP Scrubby), and Metamorph my Butterfree in Leaf Green.

  23. There’s a reason B99 is my favorite tv show next to Clone Wars.

  24. Reminds me of big’s glitched textures somecallmejohnny had in his adventure review

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