1. Ikka, Raftaar, Encore ABJ, Sikander Kahlon, Harjas, 2facebleed, Paradox.

  2. Naa, After Sidhu's death..Karan will never be again in a diss (he literally ignored Arjan Dhillon). After BiggBoss's Hype Stan will not going to release any diss track for a long time (for him YYHS is a great and respected artist, he said in an interview).

  3. Emiway Bantai ke Fan page ne copyright claim maara hai (source Krsna_amry, $ khud btaya use). Too much hate bhai, KOTS are coming in April us se pehle Diss lena chahte hai Krsna se.

  4. He is Partner too in Kalamkaar, as he said in his song. Maybe any contract is there under the table that we don't know.

  5. Use less. Uski following me jiske followers jyada hinge unki album top 4 me ayegi. Nayab & Tadipar will be in Top4 for sure(deserving)...nd Desi Kalakaar is not there but International Villager is xD, DK is far better than IV.

  6. Just like MC Stan (representing Hindi), These artists are biased for Punjabi language. They are making Punjabi songs that's why they call themselves Punjabi artists. Representing Punjab & Punjabi music is nothing wrong, now a days Punjabi music is at very high stage, even in Bollywood too. example, Tamil or Telgu songs (everyone there calls themselves Teluga or Tamil artists. But there are few people who are Khalistani supporters and they are like Punjab is not a part of India. They want Punjab as a different country.

  7. Means "XYZ" person kisi or ke liye aisi harkate kr raha hai jis se uski badnami hogi, not jiske liye kr raha hai. That's why they said ki agar mai badnaam huya to tera naam lunga.

  8. Naam bikta hai Industry me that's why Option "D" but Option "c" is also very close to it in terms of compitition.

  9. DG IMMORTALS & Raga ko award mila Kaleshi Chori ke liye or Harjas ko nahi bulaya shayad.

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