1. Yes! Turns out they are freshwater limpets :) No idea how they got there though.They're still here but they don't seem to affect the tank.

  2. Yikes that poor betta, the heart is there but that fishbowl belongs in

  3. That is absolutely terrifying. Makes me wonder how many people just got sucked into the ground and disappeared...

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments! <3 Extra thanks to those who have given feedback! :) I will be taking your comments on board and tweak it before I line and colour. This run cycle was based on a deer, (a very grainy video of one x) ), but I gave it a bushy tail since I wanted more practice animating long tails.

  5. Ahh thank you!! But there are a few frames that feel a bit jumpy to me x)

  6. That's awesome! Would love to know what you rolled ^

  7. Is there a reason why the heater is not in the corner of the tank?

  8. I'm trying to hide it behind the plants but it doesn't quite reach. x) And it's too long for the other corner where the filters are.

  9. Same, but I'm learning as I go :,) Good luck!

  10. Photo credit goes to Paul Dunleavy on the Crap bird photography facebook page.

  11. I have heard advice to run both filters on the same tank for at least a week before removing the old one so that the bacteria is given time to establish in the new filter and lessens the chance of the cycle crashing. If you can add some of the old media to the new one that would likely help it too. Hope that helps a little!

  12. I just saw it on facebook and thought it was worthy of this sub x) Is there something wrong with her?

  13. That is the dirtiest domesticated cat I’ve ever seen when was the last time you’ve brushed him?

  14. He's not actually dirty. My phone just sucks when it comes to taking photos .-. He gets brushed fairly often

  15. So THAT'S where it went xD I spent way too long looking for it the other day

  16. The first one is okay, but thr second one....what the fuck did they do to its tail?!

  17. Avoiding spoilers since release was well worth the 4 years, I can't goddamn wait to enjoy this experience for the first time around.

  18. Don't make the same mistake I did 😭 Get outta here and go enjoy the game!

  19. That face is so cute. But why’s the mouth closed shut with that string?

  20. It's just a halter so they can still open their mouth no worries :)

  21. Freshwater limpets that don’t harm anything and appear and disappear on their own schedule.

  22. Left the sound off. What the fuck did I just read?!

  23. If he tried pulling that at my work my manager would’ve straight up took the plate back and told him “the chicken is cooked and it’s squishy because it’s covered in sauce, it’s perfectly fine”

  24. I explained it to him but he just wasn't having it. :/ He was just SoOooo WoRRieD

  25. You could have had him cut a piece open to see that it was fully cooked.

  26. He did and it definitely was cooked but he still insisted that it wasn't. x.x

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