1. One coworker asked me, if I was colorblind, how could I still read.

  2. It was a joke that I (white American) picked up from an Australian roommate when we lived in Japan together.

  3. Communism is fine for small groups. Is never workable on the scale of a modern country. Most people got that memo. A few people haven't.

  4. Yes. Do you recognize the cons of a pure capitalist/libertarian society?

  5. I like the "three death" philosophy, kind of related to the ancient Greek concept of "shades".

  6. Not officially diagnosed, but I score "on the edge of the spectrum" in every test I take.

  7. Had a work colleague who was on the spectrum. Can't remember how but the fact he was autistic came up in conversation when he wasn't in the room and a woman I worked with actually said "he can't be autistic, he's too good looking"

  8. Reminds me of a friend of mine who overheard something related about himself:

  9. I doubted this memory because I would have been no older than two years old, but my mother confirmed it.

  10. If they have a will, the money goes to whoever is named in it.

  11. Guy died in my college dorm, two doors down from me. I was there when the RA opened the door to his room to find the source of the smell. It had been three days by then.

  12. Hamballs. Kind of like ham-based meatloaf rolled into ball shapes.

  13. I had a French friend in college, whose grandmother never learned English. To her, English in general, and American English in particular, sounded like "two cats rutting in a paper sack."

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