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  1. It's a lot more significant unless there is a +1 max hit coming from the +1 str bonus which is unlikely. And if you think double the attack bonus (+2 vs +1) is not significant then you don't understand how DPS works. Comparatively for example +4 atk with mostly max gear and tentacle at bandos is +1.92% DPS and +4 str is +2.04% DPS. The str is better but the difference is marginal.

  2. How are you this dumb lmao? I literally said in my comment exactly what factors were used. Max gear with tentacle at BANDOS. I used a DPS calculator for this. Wtf does proselyte have to do with anything, I just made the calculation for bossing, of course the +attack is not nearly as useful on low defense mobs bit a +1 str without giving a max hit is completely useless whereas the +2 attack will at least have some effect even on a low def mob.

  3. You always know you’ve won the argument when the other side just starts calling you names.

  4. They took down Card Conjuror to stop us from doing that lol.

  5. Lots of great alternatives. I wouldn’t say card conjuror was even the best option when it was around

  6. Crazy to consider dude might be getting a biopsy or buying a birthday present for her or anything else that's not her fucking business and the friend was going to approach Kyle later to talk about the situation and how trust and honesty is important in a relationship.

  7. Birthday present, I get…. But a biopsy??? Why does that need to be a secret? Better question why is that the first thing you thought of?

  8. Buying a bluetooth keyboard and usb mouse would be the better, though more expensive, option. Prob around $60 total between the two. Upped my game a lot and got to stay on console

  9. Spear of desolation. And bumbas spear exist. But I agree, need pants

  10. “Taylor should just tour 5x a year” that’s the basis of his argument… yeah man, I’m sure that’s what she wants to do.

  11. It's because a used HM Aeron or similar chairs will always beat out a new cheap budget chair. You can find used Aerons for $250 regularly in my area. It might be a 10 year old chair, but it will destroy that $150 Walmart budget model any day. Trust me, I've been in your situation before and thought "what a waste of money" seeing people recommend it everywhere. Then I spent like $400 on cheap budget chairs over the course of the last several years and recently realized that I could've bought an Aeron originally and been happier with more money now. I'm saving up for a used one now.

  12. I bought a refurbished steel case for $250 and it’s amazing. It was a sick deal but finding them in the $300 range is easy. 100% worth it for sure.

  13. Your comment had me wondering what makes a misprint valuable. Theres probably usual print errors, as you said its a perfect crimp. But does the slant to the crimp really add value? Or is that just personal taste? Is valuing a misprint like art where there are subsections within the misprint community of who attributes value to different errors?

  14. As someone who has received a misprint this community said was “valuable” it’s not… the market for them is so insanely tiny you’ll likely never find someone willing to actually pay more unless you have something really really wild on someone’s pet card. There’s not huge swaths of collectors out there like this place says.

  15. Yeah honestly I have never thought the avtomat needed a nerf but pairing dual sparks pistols woth it is absolutely disgusting. Innaccurate at range? Lol who cares I have 40 rounds, shoot that shit

  16. I mean before the nerf to the uppercut price you could still do this and it’s only cost a few hundred more, hardly an issue when it’s a 1000+ dollar loadout anyways.

  17. You should ask for a list of in network DME providers. That's who you'd purchase that through. That said, some hearing aids are OTC now could try something like Costco.

  18. She has tried OTC ones and unfortunately has hearing loss to the point they are no longer fixing the issue.

  19. You said you “lose the economy” but I don’t even think that’s true, you vastly underestimate how quickly the economy is going to be the same as the current game. The exchange rate on gold is already a fraction of that it was. We are a month in and payers are already grinding ToA. Once fresh start integrates the economy is going to be more or less the same.

  20. Can we know? No I suppose not. Can we make a very close guess with the current information? I believe so. You can very clearly see the trends in conversion rates and item prices. The only items that are really different right now are high level skilling items and really rate items. All this does is separate the no-life players from the causal by a larger margin. The game is already past the point you mentioned and it’s only been a month.

  21. Yikes. If Tarkov's gunplay is the most fun you've ever played, then you really haven't explored very far.

  22. Gunplay is like 50% or more of the gameplay loop. If you have that many negatives then why are you here?

  23. I'm here more for the survival and looting aspect of tarkov. The gunplay, to me, is more just a way to defend myself from scavs and players. I actively avoid firefights if possible because I don't like birdwatching every time I hold down the fire button; nor the fact that my sights bounce around like a meth addicted jackrabbit when I try to tap fire.

  24. Literally my first Pokémon game and it seems super polished to me :-)

  25. Not sure what part of the game screams polished to you?

  26. That's the thing. It wasnt flat, it just seemed that way because the texture was different.

  27. And no acid. That’s why flat drinks taste so much sweeter, but in a bad way

  28. Keep going in the direction you were. If you turn it can take too long

  29. Unless it was a vault. If it was on a vault just turn around and vault again, you’ll be out of it immediately.

  30. If you push through them and react quick enough pressing the stop bleed button the moment you exit the concertina you can survive even without antidote. You have to be real on the ball though

  31. They stealth nerfed these traps a while back I swear. I used to die to them a lot and get a kill pretty much every time someone triggered them. Now I feel like 99% of the time if you just push though you live. Now usually I die to the hunter who heard me hit the trap but if they aren’t around I don’t think I’ve died to one in months. I stopped using them because people just don’t die to them

  32. Sooo everyone is bitching about nothing? There you go.

  33. No? People are not bitching they printed reserve list cards, they are bitching they printed non-legal cards for $1000 a booster. They are essentially charging you a grand for proxies with no guarantee you’ll even get a proxy of a good card. It’s a scam.

  34. I did point to the very specific part of your comment that said "a lot less" (your words exactly, as quoted). That's how my comment started out was quoting that part of yours.

  35. If anything I’d say once everyone’s full build you’re probably at a disadvantage. You have to element of surprise and one CC means you die.

  36. Can be used just as effectively from corners and cover that covers your chest, nowhere near as flexible but can guarantee safe peeks for info and bait very easily.

  37. Still pretty niche and honestly as long as it takes to switch, I’d just push a guy with a shield, he either re peeks with the shield and he dies or he’s forced meet me on my terms anyways.

  38. Is Elden Ring good even for people that dislike souls games?

  39. As someone that dislikes souls games, and tried elden ring. No it is not different. The souls fans will tell you it is, and I was talked into buying it, but like another person said, unless you like dark souls combat, you won’t like the game. The open world is…fine I guess, it is better than a normal souls game, but all the boss fights are exactly like souls game, you’ll die to the camera as much as you do the monster, and the nearly every boss I fought was either a total joke, or felt impossible.

  40. The souls games always felt like shitty versions of the Devil May Cry games. Have you ever played any DMC? They are fast frenetic and incredibly fun to play. And unlike souls games you actually feel like you're in control of your character.

  41. The video also had a list of what appears to be discord names. Pestily mentioned in the interview today that there will be a very limited set of players who will be invited to play test the full tarkov quest line ahead of release which would be protected by NDA.

  42. Seems counter intuitive. A sure fire way to get a biased opinion is to only let people who jump through the hoops able to voice their opinion.

  43. Pretty sure they'd be looking for experienced players to test the game for issues with mechanics or bugs, not give them feedback on quests.

  44. The best way to test for bugs is in mass, not a select few. If that’s the plan it’s equally as counter intuitive. If there’s a bug that happens 100% of the time internal testing will easily catch it. It’s bugs that only happen 1/100 that cause huge issues once 50,000 players start attempting it. The likely hood a hand selected 5-10 players encountering a new bug is very small.

  45. simple possession, like shrooms or marijuana. Things that grow from the ground.

  46. You can’t point to pot and say, just because it’s from the ground, and it’s not that bad, that means all things from the ground aren’t that bad. That’s a very basic fallacy in logic

  47. Who’s to say that simply having a “dangerous” or “bad” or “not safe” drug in one’s possession as you say needs to be illegal? Why? What’s the rationale for simple possession charges as opposed to consumption and general use? Cigarettes, alcohol, and certain pharmacological medications are inherently “not safe” for long term human consumption but it’s still legal to carry it. What is the difference? Tons of objects in our lives are arguably not safe or legal. Those things still exist.

  48. Does anyone know why have agni got buffed? Like if he needs something is a nerf.

  49. Because his clear can’t keep up with the top mages meaning he’s not pickable vs good players. You’ll get out farmed and be behind which on Agni meaning you’ll be doing basically nothing.

  50. Welrod from Kingdom Alliance? Seems to be the cheapest option but I could be wrong.

  51. Prefer the 1911 stamp. Slightly more expensive but the odds go up from 50% to 70%

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