1. It only takes one parent letting their kid paint at a table to constitute signage :)

  2. Right. You can only see a sliver!

  3. Old phone and new both take micro sim You're good to just take it out of the S10, pop it in to the s23 and done.

  4. Are you saying you want to go to a bakery and buy bread by the slice? Lol I don’t think so.

  5. Exactly this. Fresh Bakery bread doesn't have all the preservatives so it goes stale faster

  6. So what is actual cost to Timmies for a hot beverage and a baked good compared to retail price?

  7. I would guess they loose more in loss than this would cost them.

  8. Just wondering, if you don’t get this does it mean they didn’t take your info?

  9. Well there was an initial email months ago. So if you didn't get that one, likely not. You had to have the app during a specific time period to be part of it.

  10. Nope... The "My Pillow" guy has expanded his business.

  11. he keeps a knife under his pillow, of course

  12. Among other things. Like a tinfoil hat.

  13. a school policy is far less powerful than law.

  14. Exactly. You can't superseed external law with an internal policy.

  15. Sorry she was too busy filming with me.

  16. This has got to be a /s post. Not only because everyone has seen a squirrel. But when OP was asked for a location. They said "it's on the power line"

  17. The one on St. Paul West and Louth has entered the chat. I've stopped going to that one altogether.

  18. I used to pick up a friend for work at 7am just across the street. I learned very fast to lock my doors until he came out to prevent hookers from hopping in my car...

  19. I mean. Look at the area the location is in. Is it really surprising.

  20. May want to read the news next time.

  21. I read a lot of news but somehow missed this. I guess what was most aggravating is that measures could be put in place to mitigate the traffic. Smart lights. Traffic cop/ city worker directing traffic during rush hour, a sign saying the tunnel was closed, redirect the lanes in the tunnel with the new arrow lights.

  22. Oh I 100% agree with you. It's bloody ridiculous to have bridges and the tunnel closed at the same time. And to not have 1 side of the tunnel one for 2 way traffic. They've done it before. Also. The tunnel was only supposed to be closed for 1 day. But they extended it to 2 or more....

  23. Just look at this tin foil hat, but bags post history. That is all....

  24. You think you got it bad. Check the trade in values Samsung gives in Canada.

  25. I mean. This is great and all. But why not eliminate the middle man and dial 911 and if you must just don't say anything and let them listen.

  26. The majority of the population already has phones in their hands at all times, especially on public transit, and many people are more comfortable texting versus calling. It's not replacing 911, it's an additional service that adds accessibility and convenience factors. There's also much more privacy versus an audible phone conversation with a 911 operator trying to explain the situation.

  27. Ya the location thing does make sense.

  28. Had some people ruining it for others. It's full public again now and will stay that way.

  29. Man, it's like they posed just for this identification request.

  30. I can on Android on any level without issue.

  31. Exactly. And based off of his job sending him places around the country on "assignment" I'm sticking with my first guess lol.

  32. I was actually pushing more towards private firearms training, likely high profile customers. Just my guess.

  33. 7 year anniversary today...was told to put a sticky note on my monitor with a tip on how to be more efficient.

  34. 7 yeara for me was in January. I got a "Congrats" And a "You can look forward to an extra week vacation in a year when you hit 8" Wonder if I can trade the extra week for a Speedy....

  35. Not Nazi. Not German. Not even close.

  36. And how far you've come with your prestigious cock rating career......

  37. It's gale crescent. There are only so few guesses to make. Take your pick.

  38. Dead hooker, stabbing in the park. The list goes on.

  39. The only good point system out there in my opinion is PC points. Very easy to rack up large amounts in short periods.

  40. Similar with us. We typically wait a year, rack up the point and do a huge shop with the points.

  41. Canadian tire is also another honourable mention. Use my MasterCard for gas, which I used to use my debit car for anyways, then just do an exact payment right away. I get at least 4-5 bucks per fill up, granted, my f150 has a big ass tank- 130 litres. But hey, use it for cool stuff after 🤷🏻. As long as you use the credit card responsibly, you’re fine.

  42. Ya. Responsible is the key. With interest rates of 30.95% its best to use it and pay it right away.. I was given a 10k limit on my PC MC. Immidiatly called to have it loweree to 2500.

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