1. She learnt the secret get channeled trick tho

  2. Isn’t Japan not doing so hot right now? At the very least their population is dropping in numbers iirc

  3. Don’t they literally have a word that means death by overworking?

  4. me when my ancestors are a lesbian and a weebaboo

  5. The poster even has Luigi’s signature on it

  6. What trilogy? You need to wake up, there never was a Phoenix Wright trilogy.

  7. Well, too bad sunsets aren’t binary on earth and gender isn’t a binary here

  8. Kristoph getting it so good his dick exploded

  9. were you trying to cross breed them? i'm soz metis but not in 2023

  10. Why not? We should make an army of them so I could hypothetically hold people hostage with them.

  11. If I die mysteriously, I want you to kidnap people in my name. Psychoanalyze them tho

  12. Hey at least she’s not bragging on BAD things. That’s good parenting imo.

  13. Shouldn't but god said "go to hell" because of the but

  14. You have to make a meme where Métis is the Chad to make up for your sins

  15. he's short enough that he can fit perfectly under Mia's boobs

  16. Ghost literally dresses up like catholic symbols, that doesn't mean they support christian practices

  17. justicykes, klapollo, we all know apollo is dating Plushpollo

  18. Change the top part to “pre-op trans women when they date a pre-op trans woman”

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