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  1. 1–File your claim. VA math is convoluted, HOWEVER, generally the largest percentage issue is taken at face value and the others are taken at half face value until you get to around 80/90% then everything past that counts for about a tenth of face value. I bring this up because most people with sleep apnea are rated at 50% for sleep apnea, so you need to file your claim or you’re missing out on about a grand a month.

  2. They already don't believe that anymore. Everyone parrots the line that they were never meant to stop cases only fight hospitalization and death. When they all believe the lie, you can't argue against it.

  3. There are still videos of “scientists,” politicians, and assorted media scum pushing the jab because you “can’t get the ronas if you got the jabs” on YouTube and bitchute….

  4. You mean the German company trying to make the Jewish country the most vaccinated place in the planet and people are dying of the jab? Makes perfect sense to anyone who has been paying attention….

  5. You can buy a combined fan/heating element for $25 on Amazon, by the number and size racks you want and build one out of cardboard, duct tape, and tin foil (instructional video on YouTube)…..

  6. I just want to know how this STILL hasn’t happened to me yet after participating in this and other similar subs since at least mid-2020. Feels like I’m missing out on some kind of badge of honor.

  7. I was commenting here but didn’t get a lot of bans until I made a couple posts of my own. So make a few posts here and watch the shit storm of butt hurt commence!

  8. Lol, try enforcing a country wide mandate like that. Idiots like that have no grasp of reality and what would happen. That moron doesn’t even grasp the reality that is the recent SCOTUS ruling or that a federal judge has already figured out that the religious exemptions in the military were ALL being denied…. by a DOCTOR, not a chaplain…. all those denied religious exemptions are going to be approved upon second look (not that it will help anyone who got the jab, but it will help people that were illegally booted when that case gets appealed all the way to the SCOTUS if they wisely agree with the original Judge)…

  9. Russia isn't even a real country. Half the stuff they're using to invade with we probably made in the US.

  10. The markets are going down because politicians printed ten trillion extra dollars in the last 24 months and inflation has only just started…. It will get worse, if you are already buying because you think this is the dip, you’re early…. anything you don’t plan on holding all the way through the crash should have already been sold. Currently you should be buying puts in things that haven’t dropped too far yet so there is still plenty to make as the value continues to go down….

  11. Because they won’t let me take my guns…. and eventually the totalitarian regimes will start imposing their will on other countries and their people as well, if I can’t take my guns I can’t fight back when there…. better to stay where I’m at, with my second amendment and my freedom seeds….

  12. Lol, you can’t have it both ways…. you know that right? Either the holes are too big and let in new contaminated air; or they aren’t big enough and you’re breathing what you just exhaled, NOT BOTH!

  13. Correct, instead of the term CONSPIRACY THEORY we are now supposed to be using the term SPOILER ALERT.

  14. Go to information at front gate, take DD214 and all necessary vehicle paperwork to get day pass, and tell them you need to go to records at the hospital to request a copy (even though you should have gotten a copy before you got out—too late to tell YOU now, but anyone reading this is being reminded).

  15. I have already filed medical and religious exemptions with my government employer, and the way things are going I won’t get a shot for anything because of all of the “mistakes” I have heard about where people go to get a flu vaccine or something else and end up with a coof jab.

  16. In reality, most tourists act like a-holes…. I work in Las Vegas and have been in the tourist industry for some time now.

  17. I just read that a few countries dropped all Covid restrictions too 🤔

  18. What the governments all refuse to accept: some humans do our own research, and until the drug has passed Phase 3 Human testing there’s no chance we were going to get it; and since there have already been so many lies now, even if the jabs finish Phase 3 Human Testing and gets Final Approval there’s no way I’m getting it because the FDA lied and pretended Pfizer got final approval after it finally completed Phase 1 Human Testing…..

  19. The dumbing down of the American Voter was a complete success; and ahead of schedule.

  20. All liberals are tranny supremacists…. otherwise they wouldn’t allow trannies to steal college scholarships and Olympic medals from women and crush their skulls in the octagon.

  21. They don’t need to be “ready to go the whole distance” now and they may never be.

  22. Yeah, letting rapists stay at large to keep doing it to others is a much better plan. /s

  23. Read the thread moron, I listed it as a thing to do…. YOU are the asshole making a big deal of it, are you afraid someone’s gonna bring up a cold case where you’re the guilty party? You seem to be dead set against it even being recommended… POUND SAND,

  24. “This just in, the flu is now more deadly than the pandemic! Be even more afraid of the big scary world and stop asking us about all the pedos and rapists that work here. I’m Anderson Cooper, the old money rich as fuck only son of Gloria Vanderbilt, from CNN, the least trustworthy name in propaganda and sex criminals….”

  25. My biggest problem is where my land is located. Every tool, board, nail, has to be brought in by boat and carried through the woods… that takes more time than construction.

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