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  1. If you are here now, Friday to Sunday theres free admission to a number of museums etc.

  2. Arriving saturday afternoon, thanks for the info! Will totally take advantage of that

  3. Gates / Maze's End. Played it in Standard back in Return to Ravnica block, happy to play it in Pioneer

  4. Two of these in limited (or even a creature heavy meta) would be too strong. I think this mechanic may be very hard to balance

  5. I'm planning to add an emergence zone to allow for the rare bitter ordeal flash. I hope one day I can respond to a Vandalblast with a massive bitter ordeal lol

  6. I don't see what the big deal is about fiberglass. If you have a mattress protector on it, the fiberglass should stay intact. But anyhow, maybe you'd like a Casper mattress.

  7. In my mind it's like asbestos. No issue until it's disturbed. But unlike asbestos which are usually confined to the walls, this is in a mattress I sleep in every day. The mattress has a fitted sheet and a mattress protector underneath, but I have a cat, and any accident tearing the cover would be horrendous.

  8. Get a good teacher, and given your interests, a teacher who specializes in jazz would likely be your best bet. While it's certainly possible to self-study, there's really no replacement for having expert feedback and guidance.

  9. Teacher wouldn't be a bad idea, but regular lessons would be out of my budget for now

  10. They’re not debate posts, they’re, let’s be honest, circle jerks about how great proxies are and how you’re a moron if you pay for cards.


  12. I should be clear, I know not everyone has been on this sub for long, and has seen this question posted [[ad nauseam]], but frankly the mods should really make a stickied post about the most common topics.

  13. Yeah, I think the sub would benefit with a stickied post that includes commonly asked questions or discussions

  14. Werner Herzog has stated that he considered only you to play the lead in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Did you feel like you were the perfect match for that role, or did you think of any other actors that could have filled that role?

  15. Alternate at NSERC at YorkU! Only 13 allocations, so I don't know how high my chances are, but one can dream lol

  16. The tax and duties were already paid by me online multiple days ahead, but if I remember correctly they can check that before attempting the delivery

  17. Game complexity isn't a bad thing. There are optimal strategies so far, but I'm glad that new strategies are being added that will shake things up. Makes the game much less stale. Plus, if the previous packs indicate anything, you can choose whether you want to face against your own pack or all packs, so you can play what you wish.

  18. Regular group of friends? No problem at all lol. You all laugh at the joke and move on.

  19. i was thinking about going to passy but I didnt want to walk across the street everyday for class

  20. It's as close as you'll get while being affordable, unless you're looking to save more by sharing a place at the yorku village, which is even further

  21. 90% of the time I use cheap vegetable oil. 5% of the time I use coconut oil because I find saturated fat popcorn tastes more authentic. The remaining 5% is bacon fat, ghee, and any other fat I experiment with

  22. I took capstone in the 2019-2020 academic year. My team completed the course with an A+. I recommend that you dedicate a member of your team to report writing, and ensure you meet the requirements set out by the course directors. Try to complete it at least a week in advance of deadlines, and go over the document with your group with each member trying to find as many issues as possible with it. Spend time ensuring you have a good looking document (table of contents, acronyms, consistent labels, ensuring everything is labelled).

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