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  1. Saw kurt preform songs from the first album on the HTS tour before their first album dropped, very good fr I can’t wait for more

  2. If you got it, can't you just measure it? Or did you order it and it's on its way?

  3. Unfortunately can’t find my ruler so I thought I’d ask online so I wouldn’t have to get a new one

  4. Fair enough. I don't know the dimensions, but if you've got an iPhone, you could use the measure app to measure it using the camera on your phone. Otherwise, you could probably bring it to a craft store that sells frames and they can probably measure it for you. All this assuming no one else has the dimensions for you.

  5. Thank you! I didn’t think about the measuring app, I’ll check it out when I’m off work, I’ll probably bring it to a crafts store if nobody knows line you said

  6. There's no law or anything that says you can't - but, mismatched graphics tend to stick out like a sore thumb and can detract pretty heavily from the overall perceived polish of a game. Generally, simple graphics with a consistent style across a project will look better than the highest fidelity graphics you could imagine if they have an inconsistent style across a project.

  7. That totally makes sense, I found this one tile set that’ll fit my perfectly that’s 32X32 so I’ve been trying find other good tile sets that are 32X32 but having bad luck on itch.o yet. Like I found some that look really cool but they’re kinda pricey & there isn’t a lot of them that would match the game style & with the tile sets I need

  8. Got you so mad you’re stalking my profile now? 💀 get a life trailer trash. You couldn’t even get a job there since you can’t read

  9. Is your previous ID expired? You can use an out of state ID, but we cannot accept anything expired.

  10. It is, my mom is saying the bmv is supposed to give me a temp ID while I wait for my new one so I gotta see if that’ll be fine while I wait

  11. Next time tell your mom to shop at (wherever legit Pokémon cards are sold near u)

  12. ok, for the combat system my question becomes what kind of combat system? Top down? Real-time? Etc.

  13. I was thinking of a turned based combat system, kinda like the Mario & Luigi RPGS since it’s following 2 characters like that, but you’re right I definitely need to consider more things with stuff like UI & other things. I’d definitely test some engines out and what would feel best in a way for the game as a whole, thank you

  14. If that's the case then RPG Maker VX: Ace has a built in turn-based combat system. I'm not entirely sure how you can edit that system specifically to make it more similar to that Mario & Luigi style, but I have seen it done before.

  15. Where are you hearing that a lot of people are able to make it without a degree? You might need to vet your sources a bit more if that was your takeaway, depending on where you live in the world. There are some people who get a career in games without a degree, especially in art, but the vast, vast majority of people working in the industry went to college at the very least.

  16. I’d like to eventually make it into a career so i guess now it’s a hobbie till I can develop more certain skills & portfolio like you said & can get hired on to a game studio when those skills. Though my friend wants to me to make a indie game studio with him so who knows where that goes

  17. That’s the sort of things that friends say they want to do, yes, but if neither of you have professional game development experience, or have been in the founding team of a startup before, and don’t have significant resources to invest in the business that’s not really going to be a good idea when it comes to livelihood and careers. Most games don’t earn more than they cost and most new businesses fail. You need a reason to believe you’d do a lot better than the average before you’d want to really devote years of your life to the pursuit.

  18. Right I get you, I’m kinda skeptical on it too it would be nice though. I’d definitely need to look on what would make a good game dev/art portfolios, & see what I’d need to learn tbh. I do know I also heard college is good for building portfolio pieces too which is nice but I have a lot going on right now where I can’t exactly go to college atm

  19. Animators or people that participated in the anime normally make illustrations for each episode.

  20. It will be fine. The only reason to not wash before a dye or bleach is bc the oils protect your scalp from irritation. Mostly that’s just applicable to bleach though. :)

  21. A reprint? You mean the set that just came out and is still currently getting printed.

  22. I mean it’s going to get reprinted eventually, even if it’s months from now 🤷‍♂️ but it is Pokémon cards so honestly who knows, definitely would like it to be lower but Giratina has always been a fav ever since I was a kid & I can afford it, hopefully it’ll work out in the end

  23. Right I get you, this Giratina card is definitely different from the rest of the cards we’ve seen in value for sure so it’s a hard decision might just flip a coin tbh

  24. It’s a hard one but definitely Hot Water On Wool

  25. Everyone is shitting on this song but if you asked them if they like deftones chances are they'd say yes. Definitely not PTV's usual style, but one I'm definitely vibing with

  26. True honestly it feels like they can’t win, it’s been 6 years since they released anything so ppl had their expectations up too high lmao. I feel like even if they released their usual style of music ppl will bitch & say they haven’t changed at all

  27. A thing to consider is Matt basically hit rock bottom last year, then shortly after Tim died. I think Matt's recovery has led him to having a newfound appreciation for what he does now and how lucky he is to get to be part of that band. It's a dream really. I'm happy for him.

  28. Truee I remember Andrew talking on stage on how Matt is now 10 months sober or something like that & being proud of him on tour, I’m happy Matt is doing well right now

  29. When is the andres Kurt tour? I tried searching but didn’t find anything on it

  30. All of October basically, Kurt & Andrès has it posted on their Twitter & insta

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