1. Looks like we have a look at the final form weapon.

  2. Perhaps try getting into that midset of when you're telling your friend a story. This can be done by basically telling you story to yourself out loud, or to just record yourself writing it.

  3. With the way boost MKIII looks, I have a feeling that it might just be a part of Mark 9. Like you put in Mark III and like the Laser Raise Riser, You put the electronic component, making it mark 9. Or at least, that's what I think.

  4. Yeah... though, I must say, managing to make a guy so despised without recurring to any sort of method acting is incredible. And the guy got to become a Sentai Ranger, too. I'm still waiting for him to join the "big three" club by becoming an Ultra.

  5. Same. GG does a lot right, but it’s flaws makes it hard to appreciate all the good.

  6. -I loved how each Tamer got a unique evolution animation for every level that was used, which I don't think we really got in a while.

  7. GG was good overall, if VERY flawed. A lot of good, but its obsession with being episodic and shying away from developing more of the main plot and the rest of the crew definitely hurt it in the end. But I love a lot of the ideas and execution and glad they at least tried to answer our questions, even though they could have set it up earlier.

  8. I will always love GG, but Appmon is the superior show and how you do a show that balances being episodic and serialized.

  9. I prefer Ghost Game significantly personally. Maybe it's more because I like the characters and themeing of GG significantly more.

  10. The fact that there isn't one for them, it might mean we COULD get a sequel. Could being the key word. It might not be the case

  11. The post is talking about entries for Arcturusmon, Proximamon and Quantumon and we’re holding out hope that we’ll get some miracle. I agree that we probably won’t see anything else from Ghost Game though, but it kinda sucks.

  12. It's funny how this episode basically was everything I loved and hated about Ghost Game. Like it was a summary of everything the show was and how I feel about it. The good, and bad. Let me preface this by saying that.....I like Ghost Game. A lot. It's a good show. I feel it's definitely one of the better Digimon series. I also feel it had the potenial to be one of the best, but it's flaws screwed up that potential.

  13. Buffa's fatal flaw is his obsession and 'bull-headedness'. He treats Geats like he's the reason for his trauma when at best Ace just said the wrong thing at the wrong time, and wasn't even responsible for Tohru's death But Buffa always pins the blame on Ace, and refuses to see or believe that Ace or any of the other riders are out their doing anything except their own self interests, which this arc refutes by showing that when push comes to shove even ACE is capable of genuine selflessness.

  14. Revice it flawed at it's absolute worst but y'all ganged up on that shit too much.

  15. I liked Revice, but since the translation was hard to get at the time, I kind of let it go and thought I'll come back to that. But I've heard how bad the story went after 20 episodes. But idc I'll go an check it myself this week.

  16. Use Toku Fun. And yes the second half isn't as strong, but it's still fun. And when it's good, it's GREAT. Episode 42 is one of the, if the THE best Kamen Rider episode in the Reiwa Era.

  17. I will always love Ghost Game and I think it's a good season but.....

  18. Nice! Still waiting for mine! Did you use Tokucollectible?

  19. No, I actually used Amazon Japan for the first time. With how fast it was, I'll probably use them again for future items.

  20. ......Oh great. The Damn show's over and I still got emotionally damaged from it.

  21. You bitch. You absolute bastard. You flim-flaming-dirty-dannying JERK.

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