1. I cried when ragnar was on his way to paris trippin on yidus meds and hallucinated lagertha and baby bjorn on the coast in their old farm home.

  2. It's a mix. I'm done with the first three and it was 2 essays, followed by 2 more essays and a PowerPoint/oral presentation, and the third class only had a test. So far so good tho, the remaining classes are a mix of essays and tests, 1-3 per class.

  3. No, only half of the classes are released, the rest come out in April.

  4. Extremely fair. 170k a year??? Yea u don't need tax payer dollars on top of it. The government is getting wind of all the fake claims. Any money that can be cut and be put back into vets that ACTUALLY need it is good.

  5. So If I'm disabled and my husband makes 180k, loses his job and can't work but I also can't work cause I'm disabled we're just fucked right? Sounds good to me 👍

  6. Was playing with my husband and I killed a troll and I wanted to mess with him so I put the troll trophy I got right above the fence line to look like a troll was invading. And I spooked the crap out of him but then literally after we got done laughing the ground started shaking and two trolls started marching towards our base. Something must have glitched cause the raid ended immediately and they both turned and left. We joked that it must be my guardian troll stature I made that scared them off so we left it there to help ward off future attacks.

  7. Nice. Thank you. I love stories like these:)

  8. Oh other, not so funny, but fun learning curve for us. When we first got to the mountains we kept freeing to death. So we tried carrying torches to stay warm which didn't work. So we started putting down a fireplace every 10 steps to stay warm but we only got about 5 or 6 fireplaces in and some wolves chomped our heads off lol. Ahhh the early days lmao.

  9. I like it but vikings don't eat sandwiches, I feel like it would break the immersion. Like yeah lemma go slay elder but first I need to eat a quick PB&J.

  10. For the black forest you gotta find a copper mine close to the edge of the forest. Mine that and make yourself a bronze mace and you'll be good to go in the ancient burials.

  11. I imagine if they're looking for cores, they probably can't make smelters yet.

  12. Sometimes I forget the order in which things occur 😂 but it's great when you want MORE cores lmao

  13. It's probably closer, have you traveled across the ocean to the next continent over? I did the same thing and traveled for an hour along the perimeter of the island and then cut across to a swamp north of me. All in a raft of course lol. But turns out there was one right across the ocean to the west lol.

  14. Pro tip run through the trees, it'll slow him down and he'll loose sight of you quicker

  15. Yessssss, the atmosphere definitely has fable vibes. Plus I definitely keep accidently calling the fenris a balverine lmao

  16. Your first mistake was defeating the game, slow and steady is the true fans pace.

  17. Greetings from someone who has been playing since day 1. I am in the meadows, defeated elder, and that's as far as I've gone. I've made friends with the greydwarves and I have no official plans to check out the swamps lol. I have almost 500 hours in the game. Welcome friend.

  18. Pro tip for when trolls come to your base go to a special seige tower away from your actual base. This way you can fight off trolls and keep your palace safe from harm. I have one that's within the raid radius with a tiny moat for safety. It's easier to dig a tiny moat around 1 building than it is to dig a massive moat around the entire base. Plus if my tower gets gobsmacked I can easily rebuild it.

  19. Place a fire next to you when you mime copper it keeps the greydwarfs from slapping your bum while you dig

  20. I did and monitored my blood sugars for 2 weeks instead. They still have me check them every so often and they have remained fine. The glucose tests made me really sick so I opted out of them.

  21. That's so odd to me, why check for so long if your blood sugar doesnt spike or drop? I get it if they think you are going to eat something sporadically that may tip the test, but like wouldn't that also not prove anything at the same time?

  22. I guess what I’m confused about is if you “know” you’ll pass, why not just do it? It’s only 1 blood draw and you’re done. 1 time of misery and you “should” pass.

  23. I don't know, I'm almost 100% sure I'd pass, I've never had any issues with it with previous pregnancies. Plus, I already eat very healthy and exercise (which to my understanding is the standard practice if you do have GD). So I'm kinda wondering what the benefit of the test is if I'm confident I'll pass. Then add the whole ordeal associated with getting my blood drawn and I'm thinking of just skipping it altogether.

  24. Because box office profits, especially on opening weekend, aren’t a measure of how good a movie is, it’s a measure of how well advertised it is.

  25. I know I'm just kidding lol, Dracula got some of the worst ratings in history, but God damn gerard was still perfect in that movie lmao

  26. No bit I'd totally love to be a student mentor lol. Seems like a nice WFH job lol.

  27. I had a partial en caul birth where the sac came out intact before the baby. I caught it in my hand, it was truly bizarre feeling. It popped as baby came out, but for a split second there she was en caul.

  28. Before refrigeration raw milk was allowed to sit and begin to ferment before making butter. This helped the cream separate and also made it easier to churn while the LAB (lactic acid bacteria family) would start the fermenting/culturing process. Churning the now cultured cream produced cultured butter and buttermilk. Cultured buttermilk sold in stores, usually pasteurized milk with added cultures, is thick and tangy, more like a yogurt drink. Traditional buttermilk as a byproduct of cultured butter is thinner with only a slight tang from the natural cultures that were in the milk. It also has little to no fat since it was all removed during the butter making process.

  29. OK so follow up question, if you let raw milk sit out to culture and then skim off the cream for butter what would you call the leftover cultured skim milk? Is this also buttermilk? And are all these buttermilks interchangeable in recipes? Or would you say most recipes that call for buttermilk are tailored to commercial buttermilk?

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