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  1. Do you still have to do this via Photoshop? I've got a video I'd like to do this with, but I think Photoshop might explode if I feed it in. I can't even find a name for this technique!

  2. The name for this and tutorials are found in

  3. I'd seen a bunch of these since a long time ago and I assumed it was a standard thing, but your post history includes basically every one I've seen and I had no idea that it was just one person being prolific!

  4. Nah, I just was blown away by

  5. I have had three kids graduate college in the past two years. The cost was staggering. I have twins so it was double everything. My son went to school abroad in Greece (accredited in the US) and it was actually cheaper than the state school that his sister went to. Tuition, rent and food were all cheaper plus the public transportation was so much better.

  6. I've been really looking into this for my oldest, going over to Europe. But we all only speak english so I have to find an english taught degree program. It's very overwhelming.. The prices of just the factor, but also the state of this country right now is scary. But anyway, it's very overwhelming and what child is not fond of the idea. Any advice?

  7. Underwhelming at best. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to say they are lucky because it's probable that the item is broken.

  8. Nothing went wrong with the ride - OK

  9. "CNN set to hire another equally incompetent CEO by end of Q3."

  10. Support for Ireland (and Israel) are literally the last two things that Dems and GOP agree on, which, looking at the current GOP, is by itself remarkable.

  11. Also, there is the small matter of an internationally signed, successful, peace agreement between the UK, Ireland and the US (who sponsored and chaired it) lodged with the UN. The UK government tried to piss on it, reverse it and/or ignore it when they thought it could be used as a dividing item between Ireland and the EU and everybody hated that, so are going to absolutely hold their feet to the fire before they go anywhere near an agreement.

  12. The Tories were and are a throughly disreputable lot !

  13. When I was a kid and this happened, I’d mostly feel fascinated being somewhere when nobody else was around anymore. Sort of like being behind-the-scenes.

  14. I have one signed by him. He gave one to everyone on his patreon a while back

  15. It is amazing how he REALLY KNOWS her to set that up.

  16. From the previous times this was posted, they used to visit there regularly so he knew she'd take part. The Zoo does have an engagement package. That said I'll never not-like the utter confusion as she tries to process WTF is going on.

  17. So basically the best investment you can make to keep your finances safe from cab is diamonds and an arse hole

  18. Can't beat the 'ol prison wallet.

  19. True, but I would put money on it they bike lanes as they are are being under utilised. I would also put money on it that bike lanes could easily be upgraded and installed if that's the primary block here.

  20. Jesus Christ . So he survived that thing and now to avoid being shot ? Lol. That looks like a video game scene.

  21. GDPR mirror so the rest of us outside the US can point and laugh:

  22. excerpt - ''A rare and endangered orchid plant species has bloomed in the UK for the first time. The Florida Ghost Orchid, distinctive for its frog-like shape, could be seen on display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens in London on Thursday. There were concerns the orchid might not flower because of the cooler British climate, with its usual bloom requiring high humidity and mild temperatures.

  23. I hate his sicko-phantic sad face pretending to be all upset as if it’s not all a problem entirely caused by himself and the true victim(s) are anyone but him.

  24. Same, almost 12 years here, and I joined after I was named in an article posted on here and had a look around. old.reddit is hardwired into my RES and I get surprised every few months when that abomination of a 'new' interface pops up.

  25. The 16 is like a magical mystery tour of north Dublin, we need an express service every few minutes into connolly and Houston.

  26. Docked a few points for having, at one time, the most expensive train link to its city in the world, £25 for that bastard Heathrow Express if you didn't want to fold yourself for an hour or more onto the Piccadilly Line. Crossrail is just £6 now.

  27. Meanwhile the actor casually has a fucking machine gun firing next to their face

  28. "Former Ann Summers chief executive Jacqueline Gold, who died in March."

  29. She is the writer of the report, which was delayed due to covid. She was a half-billionaire but went through hell, abused by her step-father, looked down on by her actual father who divorced her mum, failed IVF and divorced, did finally have twins for one to die, poisoned by her nanny, succumbed to breast cancer after 7 years at only 62.

  30. Hold on, one of her twins was murdered? Or an accidental poisoning? That's some dark life for that poor woman!

  31. One twin died at 8 months, and the nanny of the surviving one was jailed for poisoning the mother

  32. Have you see what a 12 week foetus looks like ? It’s a complete lie that it is a clump of cells it’s has all its limbs and a heart beat from 6 weeks.

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