1. I'm almost an hour in, and it's rough. The gameplay is decent so far, and it looks great overall, but I can hardly walk in a straight line without my game stuttering like mad and dropping my fps to slideshow levels (on a 3080ti). This really isn't the state this game should have been released in.

  2. ive heard turning off v sync and motion blur helps alot

  3. fnaf world, scott cawthon is a character in game and yeah basic god boss

  4. counter point: seeing fnaf in death battle would be hilarious

  5. sorry man, nem uploaded a video talking about cole vs alex, its about to skyrocket in popularity

  6. Tbh I don’t remember people hating on heart gold or diamond and Pearl when they came out. Definitely did with B/W though, I was one of the kids who did lol

  7. people hated dp for the regional dex which was fixed in platinum

  8. wow the gen 6 nostalgia wave passed hard didnt it

  9. Doesn't that app charge you $70 a month to tell an ai to go fuck itself?

  10. why are we attacking wolfe glick, winner of the 2016 pokemon VGC world championship

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