1. Thanks for this I'll have to read through it. Dragon of Icespire peak has been difficult to run as a first time DM, only because the quests seem a bit bare/disconnected, so I combined LMoP and DoIP, which a lot of people seem to do. Even then, as a first time DM, its a challenge to connect them and come up with reasons for X, Y, etc.

  2. Something definitely needs to change. The writing has leaned way too much on the snarky-remarks, jokes every 3 lines, and "boom my tech/magic scanner solves the problem" formula for too long. At least for me it's difficult as a player to connect with my own characters when all the characters in the story (including your own characters' lines) react to most of the threats jokingly, or another character seemingly has the answer with a quick scan and you as a player don't have to think.

  3. Since that bar gives you an estimated range based on driving style, climate settings, outdoor climate, coasting, more down hill than up, and so on, that's probably not 60 true miles of range.

  4. I think a good place to start is if you're looking for roleplay (RP) or action ("traditional") persistent worlds.

  5. This map looks really well done. Love the art style!

  6. First off, it’s okay to be shy and insecure. However, online dating isn’t much easier than traditional and in some cases can even become a hinderance, so don’t let that bring you down. And, being too shy can also be a hinderance - but don’t allow that to control your desire for a relationship. There are way too many people in your same circumstance. You are not alone.

  7. The DM did you a huge disservice by not letting you play in your first D&D combat encounter! Wow, that's actually super frustrating, I'm sorry. That should've been a full hands-on, memorable experience.

  8. For a generalist farming build, you don't have that many options.

  9. Why is it good to have a staff for Dervish? Do mobs react to what weapon you have?

  10. If you really only want support joining, then you should probably make that intention clear in your group title, something like:

  11. There's another one I used to see all the time for years - Baby P Nut. Anyone remember that character? I think they were in one of the Jade Quarry lobbies?

  12. I don't know if you noticed this, but the last president was the most unqualified, least intellectually curious, and chaotic president in US history. Could explain why we didn't hear about it from them.

  13. They track balloons like this all the time, and have been for multiple presidencies - Trump, Obama, Bush, etc. And this wasn't the only one spotted in Biden's presidency, either.

  14. I'm sorry about your accident. Other games I would also recommend are

  15. I second Divinity Original Sin 2. Very playable with mouse only since it's turn based!

  16. Ritualist spirit build, especially with Signet of Spirits elite skill, is very doable with mouse only.

  17. Didn't even realize until I saw it. At first I was like "Man, looks just like him!"

  18. That character sheet looks super clean. Very useful for new players, as the normal character sheet can be pretty overwhelming to find what you need for anyone unfamiliar with the game (even for me sometimes who is used to playing!)

  19. I've had my 2014 for almost two years, purchased at 93,000 miles. I've loved it so far with no major issues!

  20. Love the "taxi" K1200RS paint scheme. Wish mine was like that!

  21. Okay so what makes this a liminal space? Man this sub is super confusing sometimes.

  22. I've seen a lot of "it's nostalgic to me, so that makes it liminal" recently - which isn't what makes something a liminal space.

  23. No, liminality doesn't imply emptiness. In fact, you could make the case that a space becomes more liminal if it's busy, because it's full of people who are in transition from one space to another. It's full of people who are not connecting with each other, but are instead just passing through and who only exist to each other as brief images, only to be forgotten completely as soon as they're out of sight.

  24. Yes, kenopsia is for places that are currently empty but are usually full of people, but a liminal space isn't empty just because. It's mentioned in this sub's rules as well: a liminal space has no people in it also because it gives the feeling of transition between uses.

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